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Joseph Wiebe, PhD

Asst Prof/Religious Studies

Augustana Campus


About Me

M.T.S Duke Divinity School

Ph.D McMaster University

I am an Assistant Professor of Religion and Ecology in the Philosophy and Religion program at University of Alberta, Augustana. My Book The Place of Imagination: Wendell Berry and the Poetics of Community, Affection, and Identity has received academic praise in Reading Religion, ISLE, Anglican Theological Review, Christianity and Literature, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, and Christian Century. It is a critical reading of Berry's fiction that emphasizes the role of imagination in community and environmental ethics.

Recently, I received an Insight Development Grant from SSHRC to begin research on the next book project, which is on the influcence of settler colonialism on environmental imagination and religious identity. This project is a case study of how one agrarian community perceived Indigenous people during settlement in North America. It tells the story about the role Indigenous people played in the settlement narratives Mennonites constructed as they were adapting their religious identity to the prairie landscape.

As a close friend once said, "I don't have hobbies; I have friends." When I'm not playing Lego or Sequence with my children, I'm having a pint, rolling d20s, breaking down Corsi, or talking about books I haven't read with my kindred spirits.


Introduction to Religion

Religion and Ecology

Christianity and Climate Change

Bioethics, Suffering, and the Soul