About UAlberta's Augustana Campus


Rosanna Heise, BSc (honors), MSc

Contract Lecturer/Computing Science

Augustana Campus


About Me

I am a bit of a jill-of-all-trades.  You will find me cutting hair, or tiling a basement floor, or harvesting a crop of potatoes.  But my day job, the job that helps to pay the bills, is teaching Computing Science and Mathematics.  I love meeting a student at whatever level they are at, and watching them acquire new knowledge about my field and life in general.

Special moments:  When a student realizes something in computing is no longer "magic".

                               When my children spoke had their first smile, gave their first hug, and spoke their first words.

                               When a student conquers a fear (e.g. of Math or of Computing or of Speaking in front of other students).

                               Spending time with my family or my friends, hiking, biking, walking, being in nature.


Making Computing accessible. 

Currently focussed on developing a Software Engineering course at Augustana that teaches the age-old principles while keeping students motivated by developing an app for a mobile phone.