Each academic year, Augustana adopts a unique theme: a common ground and jumping-off point from which Augustana faculty, staff, students, and our wider community can engage in diverse learning experiences through multi-disciplinary lectures, events, courses, and other activities. The Annual Theme for 2015-16 is ‘Time to Play.’

Recreational pleasure and enjoyment: this is often what comes to mind when we think of play, but play is so much more. It is essential for physical, mental, and social development in humans and many other animals. It is key to health, fitness, and wellness. It can break down social barriers. However, not all play is fun: consider the application of game theory in politics, economics, science and sports and the resulting interplay between cities and nations.

In our theme activities this year, we will explore ‘Time to Play’ as it relates to fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, politics, biology, chemistry, art, music, gender studies, and sport.