This year's theme committee  builds on the success of previous undergraduate research and teaching conferences, with a two-day conference on the topic of 'Play and Education.'

Recreational pleasure and enjoyment: this is often what comes to mind when we think of play, but play is so much more. It is essential for physical, mental, and social development in humans and many other animals. It is key to health, fitness, and wellness. It can break down social barriers. However, not all play is fun: consider the application of game theory in politics, economics, science and sports and the resulting interplay between cities and nations.  And what about play in education?  Should professors incorporate play as much as they can in their courses?

The first day of the conference is devoted to the research of undergraduate students related to the topic of ‘Time to Play’ – this year’s Augustana campus theme. This interdisciplinary undergraduate conference encourages applications from all disciplines.   

The second day of the conference consists of a teaching workshop and presentations from teaching faculty on the general topic of “Play and Education.” We encourage students who present at the undergraduate conference to bring their professor and/or stay for the workshop to contribute their own perspective on learning.  Teaching faculty are invited to share best practices and original pedagogical research related to the conference theme; however, we also wish to encourage a wide range of submissions on different teaching related subjects.


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April 25 & 26, 2016 – The Dr. Roger Epp Conference Room

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