Why You Should Consider Augustana Campus

One of the Top 5 Universities in Canada

As a faculty of the internationally-renowned University of Alberta, Augustana awards degrees that are recognized around the world. We offer over 30 areas of study, from business management and the fine arts to the humanities, sciences and social sciences. Students can choose from any of our majors and minors to create the degree program they want: our professors are delighted to work with you!

Many post-secondary institutions focus narrowly on job training for types of work that exist today; an Augustana education is instead preparation for tomorrow, with a focus on the employable skills and professional experiences that you will need in the workplaces of the future. As organizations compete and grow, new job opportunities that don't even exist today will emerge.

You will probably not have the same job - or even the same career, in the same field - at 65 that you will at 21. The Conference Board of Canada provides a list of skills that will be essential for the evolving and changing careers of the future. How will you navigate this world? From communication skills and adaptability to active teamwork, information management and a dedication to lifelong learning, an Augustana education provides the preparation you will need.

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An Education as Unique as You Are

At Augustana, over 1,000 students help create their own education in an environment rarely found in large Canadian universities. Our student-to-faculty ratio is 16 to 1 while an average first-year class size is 35 students. Our multi-disciplinary curriculum encourages a wide range of in-class and hands-on learning opportunities - locally, across Canada and around the world.

Most students make lifelong friends they meet in residences. For students in residence, meals are included, all-you-can-eat, and made from as many local and sustainable sources as possible.

At Augustana,

  • we equip innovators with skills required in the modern job market: written and spoken communication, critical thinking, research and information literacy;
  • we nurture active citizens and thoughtful leaders who are prepared to help find answers to difficult issues, from the interpersonal to the international;
  • we prepare competent professionals ready to work with colleagues from other backgrounds to tackle real-world problems that require interdisciplinary thinking and broad-minded solutions.

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Multi-disciplinary learning = employable skills

Specialization is essential in today's job market. If an applicant can't demonstrate the skills required by an employer, he or she won't even be interviewed. A university degree - combined with real-world experiences in your field - is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills.

However, specialization isn't enough. You can be trained for a specific job at a specific time, but what happens when technological or organizational change leads to the modification or elimination of your job? Our goal at Augustana is to prepare graduates who have the skills to assist employers in re-imagining organizations and reinventing their own jobs. After all, we know that employees who identify opportunities, think critically, and creatively problem solve will always be highly valuable. To accomplish these goals requires an education that is both broad and deep, an education that challenges you to think for yourself, not simply learn what the "experts" think, and an education that prepares you as an effective communicator.

Campuses exclusively dedicated to high-quality, undergraduate liberal arts and sciences education are relatively scarce in Canada. Large, research-based, public universities are the norm. But across the border, in the United States, there are more than 600 such institutions. Rapidly developing countries like China are beginning to emulate the model, because they know that narrow specialization and vocational training will not create the leaders and creative thinkers their economy needs.

A liberal arts and sciences education for lifelong learning

Augustana Campus is part of an international association of liberal arts colleges. Like our peer institutions, we aim to graduate versatile, lifelong learners. We also are committed to preparing among the best candidates in Canada for admission to post-graduate study (for example, in business, medicine, law, or across the arts and science disciplines), whether within the University of Alberta or at another university.

We believe an education that combines depth and breadth is the best way to prepare our students for 21st century professions. Today's world is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. Previously unknown careers are emerging every day. Responsible global citizens need to understand the world in all its complexity. Tomorrow's leaders need to learn additional languages and understand diverse systems of government. They must be familiar with the scientific method and the advances of technology. They need to understand cultural differences, and know their importance to relationship-building. They should be able to converse with economists and artists, scientists and policy-makers.

At Augustana, our core curriculum requires students to take a range of subjects to ensure more than narrow expertise in a single field. You will be challenged to integrate knowledge from across a range of disciplines. Hands-on, experiential learning will prepare you for the realities of the workplace, while our focus on creative and imaginative processes will ensure that you are ready to navigate change. In addition, we place an emphasis on environmental sustainability and global-scale diversity studies. These topics will be among the most important you encounter, whether in the workplace or as a citizen.

Specialization is essential - but it isn't enough. Combine majors and minors into the program you want to take, engage in ideas you never expected from subjects you never previously considered, learn how to learn: prepare yourself for a lifetime of change.

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Local, national and international experiences

Many courses have a Community Service-Learning option that allows students to earn university credit, applying their learning to real-world issues while serving in area schools, businesses, social service agencies and municipal government.

Our outdoor education courses take students to environments including the Canadian arctic and sub-arctic in both summer and winter. Develop group leadership skills and environmental ethics - while earning instructor certification - in courses such as wilderness and Arctic canoe expeditions, dog sledding and orienteering.

One third of Augustana students graduate with international experience, travelling with professors to destinations such as Costa Rica, New York, Cuba, Germany, China, Estonia and India.

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Your university: your choice

Our students can access over $400,000 in Augustana-specific awards, plus over $25 million dollars available to all University of Alberta students. You can compete on our Vikings athletic teams, sing in our choirs, perform in our stage productions, join - or start - a club on campus, or get elected to our Student Association. You don't need to be in the music program to sing, the drama program to act or the biology program to conduct undergraduate research.

You can study in our brand new library or meet up with friends in our brand new Forum. Off campus, you have a city of over 17,000 people - with great restaurants, shopping, and entertainment for a regional population of 90,000 people - to explore.

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Welcome to (y)our Community

Student Hometowns Map
Where are Augustana students from?
Many Augustana students come from urban and international backgrounds, as well as rural Canadian households - many are the first in their families to earn university degrees. Regardless of where you're from, you will find Augustana's community in the heart of Camrose, Alberta, a welcoming home.

It starts on your first day, when enthusiastic volunteers help you move in to your room in residence. You will meet your room-mate, floor-mates and Resident Assistants who coordinate student activities. Our campus size of 1,000 students means that you will recognize everyone - and get to know many of them - during your time here. Your professors will actually know your name, and welcome the chance to have coffee and a chat with you in the Forum.

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Living in residence: your home away from home

The residential campus originated in Great Britain-at universities like Oxford and Cambridge-and this approach continues to provide many advantages at places like Augustana. We believe the residence hall environment is ideal for first-year students. Our students appear to agree; many elect to live on campus into their second year, even for all four years. According to researchers, students who live in residence tend to make more friends, gain leadership experience, attain higher GPAs, and manage their time more effectively. According to our students, the advantages include opportunities to socialize or to study together; numerous recreational or social programs; peer support from student staff members; no commute or daily parking hassles; easy access to classes and the library. You can sleep a little longer, roll out of bed and be in class ten minutes later… although we'd prefer you shower first.

While some students stay in residence all four years, many join with friends to move into a house or apartment within walking distance of campus after their first, second, or third year. The Augustana neighbourhood includes a variety of housing options for students. Please note that while living in residence is strongly recommended for at least the first year, Augustana Campus will offer exemptions - and even students living off-campus can participate in most of the events on campus!

Beyond the campus itself, community service-learning options in many of your classes will get you out and involved in the city of Camrose. With the strong ties we have built, our students can learn municipal, provincial or federal politics within the offices of our local representatives. Study at a nearby Ducks Unlimited ecological preserve, create promotional campaigns for local not-for-profit agencies or meet a local business owner and develop your own project: Camrose and the surrounding area is very supportive of the university campus, and our students reap the benefits of this close connection. The city of 17,000 people (serving a regional population of 90,000) is only an hour from Alberta's capital city of Edmonton, and offers extensive shopping areas, entertainment and plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community.

The opportunities to build community don't stop there. One in three Augustana graduates has studied internationally in places like Germany, New York, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, Cuba, China and India. They have helped extend the Augustana community around the world, and brought back new knowledge and experiences to share.

Even with all of these opportunities, students remain the core of Augustana's community. We have active clubs representing all sorts of interests on campus: one of the largest is Augustana Earthwise, which has driven many of the environmental and sustainability initiatives adopted by the campus!

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Over a Century of Shaping Students for their Futures

In delivering the highest-quality education, we believe it is important to engage students in meaningful dialogue, with each other and with their professors, throughout their university experience - both in the classroom and beyond. This enhances the core outcomes we expect of our students, including communication skills, project management and critical thinking.

Augustana Campus was founded in 1910, and we have always prided ourselves in our professors: they are innovative and passionate instructors. Many have received awards for their teaching and research. Above all, they want to get to know you. At Augustana, our highly-qualified professors from around the world do the teaching - not graduate students or teaching assistants.

Augustana has over 100 years of history and experience in delivering the finest education to generations of students. We invite you to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

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