The Pathways program runs from May to August. It will offer a stipend to students (approximately $7500) to join a rural Alberta community to complete an internship/placement project over the summer months, and will involve a workshops at the end of April.

Possibilities for project types will vary depending on the accepted applicants and rural towns. We will leverage our previous relationships curated by faculty members during the “Rural Capacity Internships” while seeking to play to the student’s own abilities and interests as well as the needs of the rural placement.

There is an application process restricted to students who have completed their third or fourth year (eg., recent graduates). Typically, this means students must have completed at least 84 credits at the university level.

Check out Creating Pathways Home (PDF), an article published in our Alumni Circle magazine about the Pathways program.

Keep up to date on what our Pathways scholars as they document their summers via our Pathways to Rural Alberta Blog

Requirements & Standards

Students will (at least) need to

  1. complete a brief 500 word essay outlining their interest in the program, what they could bring to their home community, and what they hope to take away from the experience;
  2. be in good academic and financial standing with the University of Alberta;
  3. provide one academic reference and one work or character reference;
  4. be willing to relocate to a rural Alberta town for the duration of the internship;
  5. provide permission for applicant reviewers to access their unofficial student transcripts. In cases where these are not from the University of Alberta, students will need to provide these.


Deadline for application will be Jan 11. We will hold candidate interviews during February 12-16, and notify successful applicants by February 28.