Cleaning for a Healthy U

In an effort to lessen our impact on the natural environment, Augustana is part of a University-wide sustainable cleaning program, including Green cleaning chemicals and equipment. The University of Alberta has approximately 13,500,000 square feet of buildings to clean, so by changing our cleaning practices we are able to contribute to a cleaner, 'greener' future.  Learn more HERE

Prius at the front of Augustana

Hybrid Vehicles and Tele-commuting

Augustana invested in purchasing two hybrid vehicles over the years.  Having these vehicles as part of our fleet helps reduce our ecological footprint when vehicular travel is necessary.  Tele-commuting for meetings and video-conferencing has also become more popular on campus and is encouraged.

 Storm Water Storage Tank

In an effort to reduce run-off, decrease erosion, increase infiltration, as well as conserve and reuse water, Augustana his installed a 1500 gallon storm water holding tank on campus. Water from this tank will be used to water plants and trees that help make this campus beautiful. A group of CSL students took on the challenge of finding a creative way to make the holding tank stand out.