Waste Reduction

Zero Waste Recycling System

The Campus Sustainability Plan, produced by the Office of Sustainability, set a goal of diverting 50% of waste to landfill by 2015 and 90% by 2020. 

One way the University is working towards this goal is the implementation of zero waste stations university wide.

For your convenience, zero waste recycling stations can be found all over campus. Wondering where to recycle paper? Plastics? Light-metals? You can dispose of all these items through the zero waste system. Remember:

  • Read Labels to make sure you are putting your recycling in the correct container.
  • Reduce bin contamination by cleaning your dirty containers before recycling.
The inclusion of organics bins will allow Augustana to reduce our waste-to-landfill by over half! 


Help reduce waste at the cafe by bringing your own reusable beverage container. Save $0.10 each time you use your reusable mug! 

Battery Bin Locations

Green or brown Battery Bin recycling stations can be found all over campus. Find your closest receptacle:

  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • First Year Dorms Entrance
  • Second Year Residence Dish 
  • 2nd Floor of the Library
  • 2nd Floor of Faith & Life
  • Classroom Building and Science Extension
  • Technology and Learning Services
  • Facilities and Operations

Collections bins in the Library

  • ink cartridge
  • battery
  • pen and highlighter 

Double-sided Printing

It now costs less for students to print double-sided!  Rather than 10¢ per side, it now costs 5¢ for the second side of a double-sided print job.  A win-win: save money while cutting paper consumption in half!  How do I print double-sided?

Reusable Bags

The Bookstore provides re-usable bags to customers rather than plastic bags and also have recyclable options for sale. Think about how much plastic is now being diverted from the landfill.  Please remember to take your re-usable bags along with you when you do your errands!

They also provide a pen recycling station where you can drop off your old and unwanted pens. 

Recycling bins in Dorm rooms

Each dorm room has now been outfitted with it's own blue recycle bin making it easier for students to recycle on a daily basis!