About Us

As part of a small campus that inspires close student-faculty interactions, we provide a unique environment for learners and explorers who share our excitement about science. Our professors and laboratory staff members truly enjoy teaching and define their success by their students' success. Therefore, mentorship, guidance and engagement are primary features of a science education on the Augustana campus.

ClassesA photo of a professor looking through a microscope in a classroom of students in lab coats

Our class sizes are small throughout and support a variety of innovative learning methodologies and individual learning approaches. Our professors not only teach the classes, they also instruct many labs and tutorials, and become acquainted with each student's strengths and needs. This personal attention helps students develop a deeper understanding of key scientific concepts and identify their own career path.

ProgramsProfessor Bill Hackborn instructing at a whiteboard

We offer four-year majors in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Studies, Computing Science, and Mathematics and Physics, as well as a minor in Geography. Another choice is an efficient five-year program offered jointly with the Faculty of Education at the Edmonton campus, in which students acquire a combined B.Sc. and B.Ed. degree. This opens up various pathways into the teaching profession.

ResearchA photo of Dr. Doris Audet holding a bat

For students with an interest in new discoveries, our department provides undergraduate research opportunities during the semester or over the summer. Students can work along-side professors to immerse themselves in an exciting research topic. Such projects are supported by research programs, grants from professors, our outstanding Costa Rica field studies, and the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station which opened in 2015. Moreover, community service learning (CSL) affords opportunities to engage in the practical application of science.

We invite you to visit us on our campus and get to know our dedicated group of scientists who are part of a first-class university. Let us convince you that the Department of Science at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus is the right choice for your university education.


Dr. Peter Berg
Chair, Department of Science