Research is an important aspect of undergraduate science education at Augustana. All faculty members in the Science department provide opportunities for undergraduate research as an integral part of their own research activities. Field, laboratory and inter-disciplinary research experiences are available to students throughout the academic year and during the summer.

A photo of a student holding a gerbil
A photo of two students writing field notes in Costa Rica
A photo of a student doing lab work in Costa Rica


A photo of a student working in a chemistry labResearch projects available to undergraduate students span all disciplines offered in our department, including the following areas:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Animal behaviour
  • Biochemistry and organic chemistry
  • Evolutionary developmental biology
  • History of science
  • Immunology
  • Mathematics and computational sciences
  • Physics
  • Plant and restoration ecology
  • Science education
  • Wildlife ecology and conservation

Undergraduate research outcomes

In addition to participating in a variety of undergraduate academic conferences, students also present their research at provincial, national and international meetings, and publish with their faculty mentors in scientific and professional journals. The following list includes some examples of presentations and publications co-authored by students (their names appear in bold print). More information on faculty research projects and publications is available on faculty members' web pages.


Selected publications in scientific and professional journals

Kim M.-Y., Xu Y., & Goebel R. (2017). Applying a convolutional neural network to legal question answering. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, 10091: 282-294.

McIntosh, A.C.S., Macdonald, S.E., & Quideau, S. (2016). Diverse understory plant communities are linked to fine-scale above- and below-ground heterogeneity within mature lodgepole pine forests. PLOS One, 11(3).

Sylvestre, J. (2016). Chamber complexes, Coxeter systems, and buildings. Archive of Formal Proofs. Formal proof development.

Hvenegaard, G.T. & Kaiser, A.N. (2015). Ecotourism, conservation, and sustainability: a case study of the Camrose Purple Martin Festival. Innovative Leisure Practices: Cases as Conduits Between Theory and Practice, 1, 1-10.

Ervin, E. M., Adams, B. T., Snyman, N., Phenix, C. P., Kariuki, J. K., & Rempel, B. P. (2014). Carbohydrate-Modified Electrode Surfaces Sensitive to Beta-Glucosidase Enzyme Activity. International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 9, 6043-6058.

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A photo of 2 students standing in front of their presentation poster
A photo of a student standing beside a white screen with his presentation projected on it


Selected presentations at scientific and professional meetings

Audet D., & Haave Audet, E. (2017). Bats in the playground: A field test for interspecific comparisons of exploratory behaviour. 54th Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society, University of Toronto, Scarborough, ON.

Berg, P. (2016). Pore network models for polymer electrolyte membranes. Ion Transport: Electrodiffusion, Electrohydrodynamics and Homogenization. Banff International Research Station, Banff, CA.

Hackborn, W.W. (2016). E217: On the true curve of a projectile. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Patriquin, D.L., Hood, G.A., & Capot-Blanc, K. (2016). Mapping conflict: managing beaver-human conflict at a landscape scale. Joint Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution and Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society Conference, St. John’s, NL.

Ervin, E., Adams, B., Snyman, N., Phenix, C., Kariuki, J. & Rempel, B. (2014). Carbohydrate-modified electrode surfaces sensitive to beta-glucisdase enzyme activity. KAUST Winter Enrichment Program Research Competition for Undergraduates, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

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A screenshot of the gerbil camera
A photo of two students at night working with equipment in Costa Rica
A photo of 2 students taking field notes in Costa Rica


Selected publications in undergraduate journals

Keus, K.,
and N. Haave (2017). The impact of a learning philosophy assignment on undergraduate intellectual development. Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, University of Alberta, Edmonton. 

Cheng, R., Dubrule, T., Hoveland, S., & Tollitt, M. (2016). Ecological sustainability in rural landscapes. University of Alberta Augustana Faculty Undergraduate Research Assistant Symposium, Camrose, AB.

Marsden, N., Olafson, C., & Rempel, B. P. (2016). Synthesis of Glycosidase Substrates Containing Self-Immolative Linkers. Festival of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, Edmonton, AB.

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Patents of invention

Bergens, S. H., Kalapugama, S., Nepal, P., & McGinitie, E. G. (2016). Catalyst systems for use in continuous flow reactors and methods of manufacture and use thereof. US2016175829.

Kulikovsky, A., & Berg, P. (2016). Method for the determination of overpotentials in fuel cells. EP3057168.

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