About Us

With eight disciplinary programs, the Department of Social Sciences is the largest and most diverse academic department at Augustana. As part of a small campus that values close mentorship between faculty and students, we foster an academic environment that allows students to connect with their instructors both in and outside of the classroom.


The Social Sciences may be the largest department at Augustana, but we work to ensure our class sizes remain small across all of our disciplines. Students receive personal attention from their instructors, and have opportunities to work with faculty in order to develop individualized learning outcomes. Our classes also offer opportunities for Community Service Learning and fieldwork, and prioritize critical thinking, research, and communication in order to develop employable, lifelong skills.


We offer four-year degree majors in Economics, History, Sociology, Political Studies, Global & Development Studies, Kinesiology and Sport Studies, Management, Psychology, and Sociology; students are also able to pursue a minor in Crime & Community. While our programs span a large array of disciplines, they each prioritize undergraduate research initiatives and close attention to student learning, and many offer extensive opportunities for Community Service Learning (CSL) and fieldwork or internships as well.


Our department provides undergraduate research opportunities during the semester and over the spring and summer. Students are able to work alongside their professors as they explore their own research interests, and/or collaborate with faculty on existing ongoing research projects. More information on research projects within the Department of Social Science can be found on our Social Science Research page, or by browsing faculty webpages.