Research is an important aspect of undergraduate education at Augustana. In addition to their own extensive research agendas, many faculty members in the Social Sciences department provide opportunities for undergraduate research, and these collaborations with students are often an integral part of their own research activities. Research experiences, where students work closely with faculty supervisors, are available to students throughout the academic year and during the spring and summer.


Current faculty research projects, on which students may be able to collaborate, include the following:

  • Exercise and diabetes (exercise and disease management)
  • Women and Municipal Government in Alberta
  • Ghost Towns and the History of Development in the Rockies
  • Health Interventions in Hospitals
  • Occupational Health and Safety; Creating Inclusive Workplaces
  • Coping with Chronic Illness
  • Women in Sports-Themed Video Games
  • Using Gesture to Understand Children’s Thinking

The following list includes research publications from professional journals and conferences that are co-authored by students, whose names appear in bold.

Publications in Professional Journals:

Houlder S, Yardley JE. Continuous glucose monitoring and exercise in type 1 diabetes: Past, present and future. Biosensors. 2018; 8(3):1-12.

Brockman, N & Yardley JE. Sex-related differences in fuel utilization and hormonal response to exercise: implications for individuals with type 1 diabetes. Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism. 2018. 43(6):541-552.

Funk D, Boulé NG, Senior P, Yardley JE. Does exercise pose a challenge to glucoregulation after clinical islet transplantation? Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism. 2017. 24(1):1-7.

Marentette, P. & Inaba, C. (2017). Iconic representation of form and function in pantomime and gesture. Poster presented at Iconicity Focus Group workshop, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, July 7.

Purc-Stephenson, R., Ferguson, C, & Jones, S. (2017). Breaking out of the Glass Box: A Meta-ethnography of disability and employment Research. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 46(1), 49-65.

Purc-Stephenson, R. & Lyseng, A. (2016). How are the Kids Holding up? A systematic review and meta-analysis on the psychosocial impact of maternal breast cancer on children. Cancer Treatment Reviews, 49, 45-56.

Presentations at Professional Meetings and Conferences

Purc-Stephenson, R., Dostie, J., & Smith, H. (2017, October). You don't just jump, you test the water first': Employee decision-making about disclosing a concealable disability at work. Poster presented at the annual Qualitative Health Research Conference, Quebec City, QC.

Marentette, P., Suvanto, M., Furman, R., & Nicoladis, E. (2017). Pantomime and gesture in children’s narratives: Are they distinct? Poster presented at Language as a Form of Action, Rome, Jun 22.

Marentette, P., Furman, R., MacLurg, A., Suvanto, M., & Nicoladis, E. (2016). Children’s use of depiction in autobiographical and fictional narratives. Paper presented at the Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference, Pucón, Chile, October 6-9.

For a more complete survey of faculty research interests and publications, please see the Social Science individual faculty webpages.