10 Years as UAlberta

Representatives signing the merger agreement
On July 1, 2004, representatives from AUC, the U of A, and the Alberta Government meet to sign the merger agreement.

In celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of our merger with the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus - formerly Camrose Lutheran College and Augustana University College - put together this section. Enjoy the photos and story of this merger between two of Alberta's oldest education institutions!

Augustana celebrates its first decade with the University of Alberta

A look at how a historic merger strengthened a university, a community and a province.

By Christopher Thrall

On July 1, 2004, two of Alberta's oldest educational institutions joined forces: Augustana University College in Camrose-formerly the Camrose Lutheran College-merged with the University of Alberta. Ten years later, while the college's heritage is still recognizable in the campus buildings and liberal arts and sciences curriculum, the benefits of this historic merger have breathed new life into Augustana, the university, the Camrose area and the entire province.

Celebrating the construction of Augustana
Celebrating the construction of Augustana's iconic Founders' Hall in 1911.

Camrose Lutheran College was founded in 1910 by an association of Norwegian Lutheran congregations to offer residential high school education. The school began offering first- and second-year university transfer courses after the Second World War, and became Alberta's first privately run degree-granting institution in 1985. By the time of the merger, Augustana served 1,000 students annually from across Canada and some 28 countries worldwide.

One of Canada's premier teaching and research institutions, the U of A was established in 1908. The university has grown in Edmonton from the single North Campus to include the francophone Campus Saint-Jean, agricultural studies on South Campus, and Enterprise Square downtown. At the time of the merger, it served nearly 35,000 graduate and undergraduate students within more than 370 programs. Augustana remains the sole U of A campus outside Edmonton.

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