Alumni Awards

The Augustana Alumni Office and its generous supporters are pleased to provide The Augustana Alumni Entrance Award - a $1,000 award which will be presented to one student each year. The eligible student will be entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program at Augustana Faculty and MUST be a descendant of an Augustana/Camrose Lutheran College alumna/us. Selection will be based on Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 final marks.

Alongside the Alumni Entrance Award, we also offer The Augustana Alumni Leadership Award, given to a student with satisfactory academic standing continuing in an undergraduate degree at Augustana Faculty. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership and volunteerism on campus. 

Augustana Alumni 2016 Award Recipients 

Augustana Alumni Entrance Award: Paul Lovsin

Paul Lovsin came to Augustana to don the same Vikings hockey jersey that his uncle, Ken Lovsin, and his father, Mike Lovesin, wore while they both attended what was then Camrose Lutheran College. A first-year business economics student, Paul hopes to take over his family's grocery store chain, the Freson Bros., after completing his degree. 

Augustana Alumni Leadership Award: Emil Yim (BSc, '17)

Emil, a Bachelor of Science student with a double major in Kinesiology and Psychology, was very active on campus, having been a resident assistant, a campus ambassador, a photographer for the student-run newspaper the Dagligtale, a photographer for the student-run magazine the Medium, a member of the cross-country running team, a representative on the Augustana Student’s Association, and a representative of the students union. Alongside those activates, Emil was a member of a number of clubs, including the Earthwise, history and science clubs, and also worked at the café, in the cafeteria, and at the climbing wall. Emil modestly admits “I feel that there are others who contribute more to this campus than I have” but continued to give back to Augustana all throughout his degree.


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In order to support an award of this size in perpetuity, we need to build an endowment of over $20,000. If you wish to help support the growth of this endowment please contact our Development Office.

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If you have children or grandchildren who are applying for their first year of study at Augustana or are considering the U of A, Augustana as their faculty of choice in the future, please ensure they are aware of this award.

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You, our Alumni, have been very generous in your support of Augustana students – we can’t thank you enough!


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