Giving to Augustana

Community Awards Program

The Augustana Community Awards Program has a direct impact on the students who choose to study at Augustana. These donor funded awards show committed investment in our students and are steeped in the traditional values of business and leadership that is our community - both past and present.

Annual Awards

Many of our awards receive annual funding each year from committed donors, several of whom have supported a named award for over 45 years. In 2017, over $151,000 in gifts were received to fund annual awards and bursaries.

Endowed Awards

Endowed awards are funded each year from the interest that is earned on an award specific trust account created by the donor and held in perpetuity by the university.  The donor's original gift is carefully invested and it is the interest earned that funds the award on an annual basis. These awards are named for the individuals, businesses, or organizations who established them, or in honour of a person or persons for whom Augustana has been important. In 2017, the interest earned from Augustana's endowments allowed us to fund awards totaling $122,000.


This past year, 178 students were the grateful recipients of donor-funded student awards, scholarships, and bursaries totaling over $273,000!