Community Awards Banquet

For me, a long-time local resident and donor representative, [the Community Awards Banquet] is not to be missed…

Good friends care about each other and lend helping hands when they see a need. In that spirit, Augustana and the community have mutually benefited…

Mrs. Berdie Fowler (July 1, 1920 - September 24, 2013)
Community Awards Program donor and Founder of the Camrose Booster


The Community Awards Banquet is held every year in celebration and recognition of Community Awards Program donors and award recipients. During the banquet donors and their award recipient(s) meet and enjoy a wonderful meal together, connect, and share experiences!

2020 Banquet

Please click below for a pictorial story of our Community Awards Banquet held on February 11, 2020.

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Past banquets

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