Alumni to Student Career Mentoring

Alumni Career Mixer

This event aims to engage senior students in meaningful conversation and networking with a diverse group of industry professionals. Limited to 40 students and set up in a world cafe format facilitating conversation, we will celebrate you as an alumnus and partner who can provide thoughtful reflection, valuable representation of your industry and career path options to current students.

When: February 6, 2020

Time commitment: 3 hours

Expectations: Through this event, you will:

  • Share your career path and journey with a group of students.
  • Give advice based on students' varying career goals and aspirations.
  • Provide valuable insider information to your industry.

Job Shadow Week

U of A Job Shadow Week matches students, postdoctoral fellows and alumni with community-based professionals for a 1-4 day workplace visit during Reading Week. Job shadowing is an excellent way to develop your personal leadership skills, gain supervisory experience and self-confidence and provide new professionals with the support you had (or wish you had) when you first started working.

When: November 12 - 15, 2019. Applications open in August and close September 26, 2019.

Time commitment: Variable. Hosts will spend an hour or two planning activities and preparing an itinerary for the day(s) they are hosting. Any contact that continues beyond formal job shadowing weeks is at the sole discretion of hosts and participants.

Expectations: As a host, you will be provided with a detailed guidebook prior to the job shadow. Your key responsibilities include:

  • Sharing expectations with participant(s).
  • Planning meaningful activities.
  • Providing a safe learning environment.