Campus Rec

Climbing Wall

Open to the Public, the Augustana Climbing Wall is a great place for:

  • leisurely recreation
  • strength and endurance training
  • birthday parties
  • team building activities or team windups
  • community groups
  • and more!

Drop by and visit our vibrant, active community! All you need is some gym clothes and a clean pair of runners. We're always happy to see new faces!



  • Climbers are secured in harnesses and by a rope from above


  • Climbers are unsecured and can climb freely to a maximum height of seven feet – crash mats protect a climber’s fall


  • Harnesses are available and are included in climbing wall admission
  • Ropes, Gri-gri’s and other hardware are maintained and provided by climbing wall staff
  • A limited assortment of climbing shoes and chalk bags is also available for use and is included in climbing wall admission
  • Clean, non-marking running shoes may be used for climbing


  • Our staff are happy to give you climbing tips while ensuring your safety at the wall
  • Each of our staff has received the following training:
    • CPR and First-Aid
    • Climbing wall safety
    • Climbing instruction