Whether you are looking for accommodation for your event attendees, student living quarters over the summer, or just a nearby affordable room to stay in for Convocation weekend, we've got residence covered! Our dormitory rooms are divided into two residences, between the First Year Complex and the Ravine Complex.

A photo of the front of the First Year ComplexThe First Year Complex

Consisting of East Hall, West Hall, and Hoyme Hall, the First Year Complex is one building with three wings sharing a central foyer. The building is designed to house roughly 300 first-year students in both single and double rooms, and provides a community living space that is appreciated by teams, camps, and large groups during the summer months. Each floor has a lounge for visiting and activities, while two large basement lounges provide separate work and recreational spaces.

Room layouts Click for larger image

The layout of rooms in East and West Hall
East and West Hall
The layout of rooms in Hoyme Hall
Hoyme Hall

The Ravine Complex

The Ravine Complex consists of six residences - Anderson, Bergh, Marken, Moi, Ronning, and Solheim Halls - clustered around a common lounge dubbed 'The Dish' by residents. This complex is designed for 224 students in their upper years, offering both single and double rooms. Larger rooms with sinks and semi-private washrooms, kitchenettes on each floor and two lounges with fireplaces combine to enhance community living.

Room layout Click for larger image

The layout of rooms in the Ravine Complex

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