Wedding package rate available.
Package rate available when also renting the Faith and Life Lounge.
Additional charges may apply if furniture must be rearranged.

A great multi-purpose venue, the Chapel is often used for worship, weddings, choral and piano performances, but also plays host to presentations, program orientations, and conferences. From concert-style seating to round-table conference setups, the Chapel provides a flexible space for a variety of uses. The Chapel opens conveniently into the Faith and Life Lounge, which provides additional space for receptions, registrations, displays, buffet meal service, and more.

Please refer to the Chapel Use Regulations before contacting us to make a booking.

Concert setup seats 200 people on the main floor, plus 80 in the balcony. Round-table setup seats about 120. Seating capacity changes depending on furniture setup.

The Chapel is licensed to serve Communion Wine, but no alcohol.

A/V available as requested, included in rental price:

  • Built in projector and screen (requires personal electronic device)
  • 2 wireless lapel microphones
  • 3 wireless hand-held microphones
  • Music stands, limited number