Campus Policies

General Facilities Usage

A walk-through inspection will be conducted by the Conference Services Staff and the Group Leader upon the Group's arrival, if so requested, to ensure that the campus facilities are adequately prepared.

Later requests for use of additional rooms and equipment should be made in writing to the Conference Services Staff. Should the request require the services of the Maintenance Department, a labour charge may be assessed.

All rooms are to be left in the same condition as they were found when the Group first arrived. Residence rooms are to be left in the manner indicated on the check-out sheets posted in each room. The use of nails or tacks in places other than on the bulletin boards is not permitted. Furnishings are not to be moved without written authorization by the Conference Services Staff. Pets are not permitted in the Residences.

Groups who use the "exposed" floor of the gymnasium (for sports) must only wear clean indoor running shoes. Running shoes that are worn outdoors are not allowed due to damage to floors from dirt and sand. When the floor covering is in place, other footwear is acceptable.

Charges will be assessed for damaged or missing items as. An exit walk-through is available at the time of check-out in order to assess damages.

Room Keys

Room keys will be distributed in the manner agreed upon with Group Leaders. The Group Leaders will be responsible for the safe return of all keys before the Group departs.

A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for each missing key to cover the cost of rekeying the lock.

Smoking, Liquor, Narcotics

The use of liquor and narcotics is prohibited on Augustana Campus.
Smoking is prohibited in all buildings on campus.

Lost and Found

Augustana Campus is not responsible for any articles that are left behind by Groups. However, if items are found, they will be held for 30 days. Items unclaimed after that date will be disposed of.

Medical Emergencies

Rental groups must assume responsibility for their own medical supplies. Augustana will, however, provide a room for use as a First Aid Room if requested.

Appropriate telephone numbers for emergency vehicles and Camrose medical services are provided on the list of Important Telephone Numbers.

Fire policy

Upon arrival (or earlier), each Group should make certain that at least two (2) supervisors per floor are appointed. These supervisors should be required to familiarize themselves with the fire procedures as they appear on "Fire Procedure Sheets" posted on all Residence Floors.

If the fire alarm sounds, these supervisors are expected to direct others in following fire procedures. Supervisors are not expected to contact the Fire Department unless they are unable to reach the Conference Services Staff to report the alarm. As false alarms to the Fire Department can be costly to everyone, both Augustana and the Group, supervisors should act judiciously in reporting alarms.

Groups are asked to cooperate with Augustana Campus by making sure that door closing mechanisms remain in tact as an extra safety precaution in case of fire.


Custodial Staff will vacuum hall carpets Monday through Friday and will also clean the washrooms on a daily basis. Signs will be posted indicating the presence of custodial staff in the washrooms.