COVID-19 Student Support

The University of Alberta has taken steps to protect our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this includes Augustana Campus.

To ensure the safety and wellness of our community, students were asked to return home if they were able. However, some students are still unable to return home-whether due to travel bans or other reasons. These students remained in Augustana residences until April 30; but some of these students are still unable to return home, and have had to find new accommodation in our community. In addition, many of our students have lost summer employment. In response, the two funds below were created to support these students.


Augustana COVID-19 Student Support Fund

This fund enables Augustana Campus to assist our students who remain in Camrose past April 30. Operating on the dean's discretion and the availability of funds, this account will be used to provide students with a variety of supports, including but not limited to meals, accommodation or award support.

Augustana Health Crisis Student Support Bursary

Awarded to students with satisfactory academic standing enrolled in any year of an undergraduate degree at Augustana Faculty. Selection based on demonstrated financial need due to loss or unforeseeable costs relating to a local, provincial, national or global health crisis. This funding is intended to provide additional financial support in conjunction with other established bursary programs at the University of Alberta.

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