Augustana Weekly: December 4, 2019

Happy December! Snowflakes and the semester are both winding down, but that's no reason to stay locked inside. Are you struggling with stress at this busy time of year? Check out this week's Wellness Pop-Up. Dreaming of sunnier days? Attend an info session on next year's Costa Rica travel course. Or embrace the cold by …

Tia Lalani - 04 December 2019

Happy December! Snowflakes and the semester are both winding down, but that's no reason to stay locked inside. Are you struggling with stress at this busy time of year? Check out this week's Wellness Pop-Up. Dreaming of sunnier days? Attend an info session on next year's Costa Rica travel course. Or embrace the cold by signing up for the Nordic Ski Library at this Friday's Tea & Ski event! This issue of the Weekly will also include important information from the Dean on the budget, a survey looking for feedback on sexual health resources for students, an event where our very own students present Dragon's Den pitches, various concerts and performances, the dining hall menu, info on a new Google Confidential Mode feature and an update on our Vikings.


  • Today is the final withdrawal deadline for the Fall 11-week.
  • Students in AUPSY 338 are asking students to take a short survey on Sexual Health resources in an effort to improve access to information on campus and in the community. Fill out the survey here!
  • USRIs start tomorrow! Check your inboxes to give important feedback to your professors on courses you've taken through the semster.
  • A note about the budget from Dean Tryphonopoulos:
    • As you all know, the UCP government has imposed reductions in spending in the post-secondary sector. They are achieving this through a reduction in the Campus Alberta Grants. The UofA has received a reduction of 6.9% of the Campus Alberta Grant for this year, and further reductions will be forthcoming in the grant over the next three years. At the same time, the government has lifted the freeze on tuition increases, which can be raised starting in the next academic year (i.e. the Fall of 2020). The UofA will most likely be opting for a 7% increase in tuition for domestic students. International students will also see a significant increase in their tuition next year (already scheduled) and further increases will be considered separately. Finally, the UofA will be implementing a new budget model for the 2020-21 fiscal year, which categorically defines resources from the Campus Grant, Tuition, Research and Space for each Faculty.There are some things we do know and several things we don't know at this time.Things we do know include the following:1. The UofA is allocating a one-time cut of 4.7% to each Faculty's current base budget for 2019-20. For Augustana this is a cut of approximately $760,000;
      2. The 2020/21 cut to the Campus Grant will be the 2019-20 reduction (6.9%) plus the 2020-21 reduction (currently unknown);
      3. 2021-22 and 2022-23 reductions will be added to the total 2020-21 reduction;
      4. Tuition increases, including recent international tuition increases, as well as any enrolment increases, will carry through to the Faculties with the new budget model and will help to offset the decrease in Campus Grant funding.Things we don't know include the following:
      1. Specific % cuts to the Campus Grant for the next three years;
      2. Enrolment targets for Domestic and International students; and
      3. Net domestic and international tuition increases which will go to the Faculties.While we are awaiting this key information, we are in the process of determining estimated net impacts to Augustana and of making plans to work with the expected reduced funding to our Faculty. We will continue to communicate to the Augustana community any updates around the budget.

Men are six times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. Studies explain that men spend more time outdoors, which leads to more men getting zapped.

Do you want to share a fun fact? Send it (and your source) to!

  • Men's basketball swept the weekend against Concordia and are ranked 14th nationally while women's basketball split the weekend.
  • Women's volleyball won both games against Concordia, and men's volleyball split the weekend.
  • Hockey won both games against Portage College!
  • Curling was at the first Regional at Lakeland College where the women's team went five and one, and the mixed team placed 2nd!
  • Keep an eye out for the Vikings schedule in the New Year!

If you are searching for alternative accommodation, the Augustana Students' Association compiles a list of Off-Campus Housing. Visit to view the list (if the link isn't working, try using a different browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer)). Contact the ASA ( for more information.

This summer, Google announced that Gmail Confidential Mode was coming to G Suite. With confidential mode, it's possible to protect content in your emails by creating expiration dates or revoking previously sent messages. This built-in Information Rights Management (IRM) also removes the option to forward, copy, download or print messages, helping to reduce the risk of information being accidentally shared with the wrong recipient.

And because you can require additional authentication via SMS text message to view an email, confidential mode protects access even if a recipient's email account has been hijacked while the message is active. The confidential mode can also be used when sending to non recipients, including,, etc.

IMPORTANT: Confidential mode helps prevent recipients from accidentally sharing your email. However, it does not prevent recipients from taking screenshots or photos of your messages or attachments. Recipients who have malicious programs on their computer might still be able to copy or download your messages or attachments.

How to get started?

Once the option to send messages and attachments confidentially is available for your account:

  1. Open Gmail and click Compose.
  2. At the bottom of the window, select the confidential mode icon to enable the feature.
  3. Under Set Expiration, click the Down Arrow and select a date.
  4. Under Require Passcode, choose an option:No SMS Passcode - If a recipient uses Gmail, they can open the message directly. Recipients who don't use Gmail get a passcode by email.

Tip: If you already turned on confidential mode for an email you're drafting, open the email and click Edit.

SMS Passcode - Enter the recipient's phone number. A passcode will be sent to them via text message.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Send.

Opening confidential mode emails with another email provider

The non recipient may need to click the View the email link in the message in order to request a passcode. The passcode will be sent via text message or by email and must be entered to view the full contents of the email. Note: if the email address from another provider is linked to an existing Google Account, the recipient must login with that Google account password to view the email's content.

Replying to confidential mode emails with a UAlberta G Suite account

Confidential mode will automatically be on, with the default settings, when replying to a confidential mode email. To change any of the settings before the reply is sent:

  • Click Edit in the reply window, and the confidential mode settings will open where you can change the expiration, or require a passcode
  • Click the confidential mode icon to turn off the feature for the reply

confidential mode

Keep an eye on IST's G Suite news to learn the latest tips, tricks, and updates for UAlberta G Suite. Additional information about Gmail and confidential mode can be found at the Gmail Learning Center and the Gmail Help Center.