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Admission to undergraduate programs at the University of Alberta is competitive, and is based on several factors, including grade requirements, course requirements, and English language proficiency.

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General Requirements

Grade requirements

Grade requirements are competitive, meaning your grades/marks will be weighed against those of other applicants to your program of choice. Admission averages will vary for each faculty/program, depending on the competitiveness of the applicant pool. The best way to gauge the competitiveness of a particular program for the upcoming year is to look at the final admission average ranges for the previous year »

Course requirements

All undergraduate programs that offer direct entry from high school require the successful completion of five specific Grade 12 subjects; these will vary by program, but will always include English 30-1. For details on the particular requirements of each program, visit our Programs site »

English Language Proficiency

All undergraduate applicants must possess an adequate level of English Language Proficiency (ELP) in order to be admissible (except for French-language programs). Most Canadian applicants will meet the ELP requirement automatically by having completed at least three years of full-time education in English, in Canada. Otherwise, there are several ways to demonstrate ELP, including TOEFL and IELTS exams. Learn more about ELP »

Evaluation Criteria

Apply early! Applications open October 1 for admission, scholarships, and residence.

Your application for admission will be considered based on the earliest indicators of your success.

You can apply as early as October 1 of your Grade 12 year, using your final Grade 11 marks. If you are a highly competitive student, you may be admitted based on your Grade 11 marks alone, although most students will need to present some Grade 12 marks before they can receive an offer.

The earlier you apply, the earlier your application can be processed, which increases your chances of receiving an offer at the earliest possible date. It also means you’ll hear about scholarship and residence offers sooner.

If you are not eligible the first time you are assessed, you will be re-assessed once you submit new final marks.

Minimum Requirements*

*Admission is competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Grade 11 Final Marks Grade 12 First Semester / Interim Marks (1) Grade 12 Final Marks
Minimum grade for each of the 5 required courses 60%+ 50%+ 50%+
Minimum overall average across all 5 required courses (2) 70%+ 70%+ 70%+

(1) For linear schools, we will accept interim Grade 12 grades, provided that they reflect at least 50% of the course content.
(2) Except Engineering, which requires a competitive (not minimum) average for final Grade 12 marks.

Admission Offers

If qualified, you will receive a single, firm admission offer. Most students will receive their admission offer in the spring.

In order to confirm your intention to attend, and to become eligible to register in courses, you will need to accept this admission offer and pay the tuition deposit by the deadline stated in Bear Tracks.

In order to retain your admission offer, you will need to meet any conditions stated in your offer letter, such as the submission of final transcripts or other required documents.

Learn more about How to Accept »

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