Step 6: Build a draft schedule

You can build a draft schedule in Schedule Builder on your Bear Tracks account.

Use Schedule Builder to create your timetable

1. Click on "Schedule Builder"

2. Select the Fall Term

3. Click "Search"

4. All courses offered at the Augustana Campus are grouped together in the drop-down menu alphabetically starting with "AU".

Note: The following example shows how AUENG 102 is added to a schedule. Unless you are a transfer student with more than 12 transferable credits, start by adding AUIDS 101 to your schedule as this is a required course for you to take during your first semester at Augustana. Once this is complete, please add the Fall courses you are required to take for your major/minor.

5. You can enter the course number if you are looking for a specific course. If you want to see all the 100-level courses offered, just enter a “1” in the "Course Number" box.

6. The “Show Open Courses Only” box will automatically be selected. If you want to see all offered courses (available and full), you will have to unselect this option.

7. Click “Search”. 

8. Take a look at the offered courses that match your search criteria for the course you want. Some courses are offered Monday/Wednesday/Friday (MWF); others are offered Tuesday/Thursday (TR). Other options exist as well! You can also see if a course is a 3-week course or an 11-week course by looking at the section numbers. If a section number starts with a 1, it is an 11 week course. If a section number starts with a 3, it is a 3 week course. You can also look at the “Meeting Dates” to determine how many weeks it takes to complete a course. Remember, you can only enroll in one three-week course and a maximum of four (3 credit) eleven-week courses each semester.

9. Pay attention to the course status; courses open to enrolment will have a green circle beside them.


10. Select the course section you wish to add to your schedule and click “ADD”. If you want to receive notification if one of the full courses (see below) becomes available, you can select the course and hit “Watch List”.

11. All courses will be listed as “Open”, “Full”, “Cancelled”, or “Closed”. You will only be able to enrol in courses which are open. 

12. Once you have added a course to your "Schedule Builder", you will see how the course fits into your schedule. The course will also be listed below your draft schedule with further information. 

Note: If you add AUIDS 101 to your schedule, it will not appear as a colored course in your schedule builder. This is because, as previously mentioned in Step 5, you will choose the topic of your FYS course later in the summer.

13. Click “Search” to begin adding another course. 

14. Again, find the next course you want under the appropriate heading and click “Search”.

15. For SCIENCE courses—most of these have 2 sections—a lecture (LEC), a lab (LAB). You must enrol in both parts of the course.

16. You can only select one section of the course at a time. In this example, the lecture is selected first. Proceed by clicking “Add” to add the lecture to your schedule builder.

17. Bear Tracks will automatically prompt you to add the LAB section of the course. Again, pay attention to the status, as some may already be full.

18. Select the LAB you want to add and click “NEXT”. 

19. If you can see there is a time conflict in the schedule try to reschedule the section of the class with a time conflict. Note: If you see a time conflict with AUPAC courses, please refer to the Available First-Year Courses document for guidance.

20. Select the class you want to change and delete from "Schedule Builder".

21. Now, go through the same process of re-adding the course by first searching the course, then add the section that will not conflict with another course. 

22. Once you have successfully scheduled five courses into the “Fall Term”, check off all your courses and click on the "Validate" button.

23. If your course schedule does not have any time conflicts and does not exceed the allowable number of credits per term, there will be a green checkmark beside each course. If there are any issues with your draft schedule, such as not meeting pre/co-requisites, you will be notified.

24. Once your schedule for the Fall is built, click "Change Term" to go through the same process in Winter Term.

25. When building your Winter Term schedule, you may run across time conflicts that require you to flip some courses from Winter to Fall.  Use the Available First-Year Courses document to help you find courses that are offered in both Terms.

26. Once you have finished building both your Fall and Winter schedules, you are ready to complete your registration by enrolling in the courses in your "Schedule Builder" making your "My Class Schedule".


Building a draft timetable in "Schedule Builder" is not your final registration. On your enrolment date, you will be able to complete your registration by enrolling in the classes in your “Schedule Builder” making your "My Class Schedule".

Step 7: Check Enrolment Dates