Step 10: Get ready to attend Augustana!

Part A: Pay Your Tuition & Fees

  • Check the Cost, Tuition, Fees menu at for more information on how and when to pay your fees.
  • Make sure to pay your tuition and fees by the deadline to avoid penalty fees.  Deadlines are listed in the Calendar and on the Registrar’s Office website.
  • Fee payment options include online or telephone banking, UAlberta’s Interac Service, credit card (via Plastiq), or by cheque or money order.
  • Tuition fees for each semester must be paid by the deadlines:
    • September 30th for the Fall Term
    • January 30th for the Winter Term

Part B: Make Sure to Apply for Residence & Awards

Part C: Complete Admission Requirements

  • Check your Bear Tracks “To Do List” for information on outstanding admission requirements.  Make sure to submit all requirements by the deadlines listed! 

Part D: EClass - Get Ready for U!

  • After registering in classes, you are going to get access to an EClass section. This will provide you with everything that you need to get ready for university. We will be sending you instructions of how to access EClass before the launch date of May 1st!
  • Have you ever tried to tell someone everything that they need to know in three days? We have. We used to call it orientation to university. One thing that we have learned is that a long intense orientation does one thing really well, it disorientates people. We could tell from the blank stares that students and staff had at the end of the sessions. This EClass section is going to change that! You are going to receive the information and resources when you need them most, as you prepare for arriving at Augustana.

Part E: Arrive on campus at the start of term

  • Buy your books at the Augustana Bookstore (or Used Bookstore on campus) and get ready to attend classes!  Fall classes start August 31st!
    • New and used textbooks can be purchased on campus once you are attending Augustana. We recommend waiting to purchase textbooks until after you have attended your first class to hear what options you will have for textbooks.
    • New textbooks will be available in the bookstore while used textbooks can be found in the used book store on campus, through current students, the Augustana used-book buy and sell, and/or the Augustana used book Facebook page

    • Used textbooks can typically be bought online as well as on campus and may cost half the price!

Late Arrivals

As you already know, Augustana’s semester is broken into a 3-week session at the start of the semester followed by an 11-week session. Due to the condensed nature of the 3-week courses, you need to arrive within the first two days of the start of classes in order to take a 3-week course at Augustana. Otherwise you will be too far behind in the course material. If you do not think that you will arrive within the first two days of classes, please contact your Admissions Advisor as soon as possible.