Before you begin:

  1. Be at a computer. Tablets and phones do not work very well.
  2. Give yourself enough time. Plan for registration to take more than an hour to complete.
  3. Save or print the Course Registration Worksheet (PDF, opens in new tab). You will use this when you reach the Registration section of this guide.
  4. Log in to Bear Tracks. Bear Tracks can be accessed at the top of any University of Alberta webpage.
    1. Go to Bear Tracks (opens in new window)
    2. Select "Single Sign-on"
    3. Enter your CCID & password. If you have never logged into your Bear Tracks or your email before, you will have to set up your account as directed in the email you received shortly after you applied. If you run into any problems logging in, please contact your Admissions Advisor.

Step 1: Read your Admission Letter