Before you proceed with course registration, please see if any of the below information applies to you

Planning to take Pre-Professional Studies or to eventually transfer from Augustana? If you are planning to attend Augustana for Pre-Professional studies (i.e. Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Commerce, etc.), or if you plan to transfer from Augustana to another faculty or institution in the future, please let your Admissions Advisor know for assistance to enrol in the correct courses.. If you have already communicated your Pre-Professional intentions you will see this under Program Specific Information – Student Groups in your ARR (the ARR will be explained in Step 1). To access the Pre-Professional course planning forms to help you with course registration, please visit:

Are you a Post-Secondary Transfer Student? You may already have credit in some of the required courses for your degree. Once we receive your final post-secondary transcript(s), a transfer credit assessment will be completed to help you with the course registration process. This information will be emailed to your UAlberta email address. If you have any further questions about how your courses will transfer, please contact an Academic Advisor (

Are you playing on one of Augustana's Vikings Athletic teams? We recommend still enrolling in 15 credits (5 courses) per term and see how it works for you. Should you decide to reduce your course load before the add/drop deadline, you will be able to do so. Please keep in mind that your league or program may have a specific credit requirement to complete and having a reduced course load may also affect your eligibility for scholarships and awards. More information can be found in Step 2 of this registration guide.

It is also important for you to look at your practice schedule when registering in courses. Since you may also be away on Friday afternoons for games, it may be in your best interest to limit the number of classes that you take on Friday afternoons.
Are you a Bachelor of Music Student? The Music department may send you specific course registration suggestions after you have successfully completed the Audition.
Are you a candidate for the Bridging Program? If you have not met the English Language Proficiency requirement, you may be a candidate for the Bridging Program. The Bridging Program (BP) is a program for students who meet the academic admission criteria but still need to improve their English in order to start in a degree program. If you are a candidate for this program, you will have the chance to improve your English while still gaining university credit. After you complete the BP successfully, you can continue as an undergraduate student in the program you were admitted to. If you are a BP candidate, please contact your Admissions Advisor in order to begin the process of enrolling in courses. For more information about meeting the English Language Proficiency requirement, please visit:

Step 1: Using and Understanding your Academic Requirements Report (AAR)