Additional ARR Section Descriptions

Academic Advisement

This section explains who you need to contact if you have course registration questions.

Current Registrations

This section shows your current registration once you enrol in courses. 

Augustana Core: Foundation

The Foundation aspect of the Core, also known as the Project-based Core, consists of ★18. It starts with the First Year Seminar (FYS) course (AUIDS 101) and ends with taking AUIDS 401, an Advanced Integration project, in your final year. You should enrol in AUIDS 101 in the Fall 3-week block. After you are enrolled in this course, you will receive an email (over the summer) with instructions on how to select your preferred FYS topic choices.

Note: The BSc/BEd program and the BMus program have slightly different Augustana Core requirements. Refer to the UAlberta Calendar for information on the Augustana Core requirements for your program. 

Augustana Core: Knowledge

Throughout your degree at Augustana, you will be required to take ★6 of coursework in both the Social Sciences and the Sciences. You will also be required to take ★9 in the Fine Arts and Humanities (you must complete at least ★3 in each area). If you are an IDS: Creativity and Culture; Ethics and Global Studies; or a Law, Crime and Justice studies major, the Knowledge component of the Core is integrated into your program requirements.

Note: The Knowledge requirements are to be fulfilled throughout your undergraduate degree. You are not expected to complete all of these requirements in your first year.

Elective (Option) Courses

These courses will make up the remainder of your degree requirements. When building your schedule, you will want to focus on adding courses in the following order: the Foundation Core requirements, major requirements, supporting courses for your major, minor requirements (if you have one), and then the Knowledge component of the Augustana Core. If after you have added all of the above courses you still have space in your schedule, you can look at adding elective (option) courses. Do not hesitate to take something completely different! In all likelihood, it will fit somewhere into your Augustana Core requirements – but even if it does not, it will help you fill up the ★120 you need to complete your degree. Do not be afraid to try something new!

Summary of Degree

This section provides a summary of where you are standing in terms of meeting the requirements for your degree. If you are a transfer student, this section will show how many credits(★) you have earned from your previous post-secondary institution. Once you have completed some courses, it will also let you know what your current Grade Point Average is. If you have questions about the additional requirements or anything in the ARR, please contact your Admissions Advisor.

Step 2: Choose your Courses