Application Process

To apply to the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus in Camrose, follow these steps:

1. Check Admission Requirements

2. Apply

3. Submit Documents

High school applicants in Alberta will have their transcripts automatically requested and provided to the University of Alberta.

High school applicants not in Alberta must submit official transcripts.

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4. Getting Admission

Indicate which high school or post-secondary courses in which you are currently enrolled. This can be done by emailing your Admission Advisor unless you've already done so on your application.

Most admission offers will be sent in February or March. If you think you should have received an offer, please contact your Admission Advisor.

5. Apply For Residence

Part of the First Year Augustana experience is living in Residence.

Apply for Residence

Residence requirement information…
Residence Services website

6. Apply for Awards and Financial Aid

Over $400,000 are available to students.

Apply for Awards and Financial Aid

Awards and Financial Aid website

7. Acceptance of Admission Offer

8. Enrol in Courses

Course Registration Walkthrough

Transfer Disclaimer - If you are a transfer student from another Post-secondary institution please fill out the following disclaimer form and send it to your Admissions Advisor.

Disclaimer form (PDF)