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To apply online you need:

  1. a valid VISA or MasterCard (the application fee is payable only through an online credit card transaction)
  2. a valid e-mail address
  3. to know the first and second choice of the program and major in which you are interested.
    • Fall 2020 applicants: Students cannot select a minor at the time of application, but will be able to indicate a minor of interest at the time course registration becomes available. For BSc/BEd students who require a teachable minor, they will be able to formally declare it at this time.
  4. to set up an Apply Alberta account and input all the information asked. This will then be added to the UAlberta application.


When you are looking to select your program, be sure to select the Campus as Augustana so that you are not applying to a Faculty on North Campus in Edmonton.

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If you have any questions or difficulty with this process please give us a call and we'll walk you through it! 1.800.661.8714; 1.780.679.1132.