Tuition & Fees

A typical first-year student's fees comprise of tuition & related fees, and residence fees.


Tuition is determined by the number and type of courses you take. Every course at the University of Alberta has a fee index (represented by the (fi=X) beside each course listed in the University Calendar). Most Augustana courses have a fee index of 6, as they are 3-credit courses.

The cost of a course is determined by multiplying the fee index by the University-wide tuition index value.

Tuition calculation example

Assume the "fee index" for each course is 6, as that's what most Augustana courses are. The actual fee index for each course is shown in the University Calendar Course Listings.

Assume the "tuition index value" is $88.68 (The actual value will vary from year to year. Check the Course fee amounts links below to see the actual value.)

So each course would cost: fee index × tuition index value = 6 × $88.00 = $532.08

A full course load typically consists of 10 courses, so your tuition would be $532.08 × 10 = $5,320.80

Audited courses are ½ the cost.

Course fee amounts can be found on the main University of Alberta site:


Residence and Food Services Fees

The Residence Services site has information describing their fees and payment options.

Non-Instructional Fees

These can be reviewed on the Registrar's Office Non-Instructional Fees page.

Payment Options

The Augustana Finance Office has information about payment options.

Cost Calculator

The UAlberta cost calculator can help you figure out what your actual total cost could be.

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