How to Apply to Augustana

Steps to Becoming an Augustana Student: The Application Process

  1. Apply to the University of Alberta by filling out the application form either online or by downloading the PDF. During the application process, you will have the opportunity to indicate to which Faculty and program you are applying. Remember to select "Augustana" as your first choice of Faculty. Click here for a list of Augustana programs.
  2. There is a CAD $125 non-refundable application fee to apply, payable by Visa or MasterCard. Your application can either be submitted online, or mailed to:

University of Alberta
Office of the Registrar and Student Awards
201 Administration Building
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
T6G 2M7

  1. Remember to send by mail all of the required documents as soon as possible. All documents should be mailed to the above address. (For more information, see "Documents Required for Application Evaluation, below.) Check your Bear Tracks account for information on required items for your application.
  2. You will be notified by email granting you access to a Letter of Admission if you are admissible to U of A - Augustana Campus. If you are still completing your current studies, you may be offered "Admission with Conditions" until all of your final and complete transcripts are available.
  3. You can take your Letter of Official Admission to the Canadian Embassy or High Commission to apply for a Study Permit and an entry visa to Canada.
  4. If you wish to live in residence at Augustana, submit your residence application including $175.00 residence deposit. This deposit will go towards your residence costs when you come to campus. $150.00 of it is refundable until August 1 or if you are not admissible to Augustana Campus.
  5. Apply for awards and financial aid.
  6. Register in your courses and confirm your intention to attend the U of A - Augustana Campus by paying the $500.00 non-refundable "Tuition Deposit" by the appropriate deadline. This fee will be applied to your tuition.

Deadlines for Application:

International students from overseas must apply a minimum four months prior to the beginning of term. For studies in early September of each year, you must apply before May 1st. For studies beginning in early January of each year, you must apply before September 1st.

International applicants should anticipate a period of six to eight weeks to process their Student Authorization/Visa application after they have received their letter of Official Admission from the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus, so starting the process early is crucial.

Documents Required for Application Evaluation

Official documentation must be sent directly from the issuing high school, postsecondary institution, government, or organization. More information on document requirements can be found on the International Undergraduate Students Documentation website.

What do I need to send?

  1. High school applicants: One official copy of your high school diploma and a transcript of your grades are required. E-documents (document scans) will be accepted from high school applicants who are applying for Early Admission to direct entry programs, but the original documents must still be submitted to the University of Alberta by the August 1 document deadline.
  2. Transfer applicants: If you have attended a postsecondary institution, then two official copies of your postsecondary transcripts are also required.

NOTE: Transfer students will need to provide a detailed course syllabus for all post-secondary coursework completed outside of Canada. The syllabus should include topics covered, and the total number of lecture hours for each course completed. We will accept compiled descriptions from your institution's webpage (specific links must be provided), or photocopies from the relevant pages of your institution's course catalogue. If these are not available, please contact an International Admissions Advisor in the Registrar's Office. Transfer credit is determined on an individual basis and will be evaluated once all supporting documents are submitted. A maximum of two years of transfer credit from your previous institution can be applied towards a University of Alberta degree.

Where and how can I send my documents?

Send hard copies of documents to:

University of Alberta
Office of the Registrar and Student Awards
201 Administration Building
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T6G 2M7

Students currently registered in studies: send scans of documents for Early Admission to

Photocopies will not be accepted. Please remember to include your 7 digit U of A ID number in all correspondence.

In the event that the issuing institution produces only one official copy of the document and will not send additional copies to universities, we will accept a certified copy.

  • Certified copies can be authorized by one of the following: your high school, university or college; a notary public; a ministry of education office; or the local Canadian Education Centre Network office.
  • In the event that a certified copy is presented, the original document must be presented for verification upon your arrival on campus.
  • Documents issued in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by official English translations.

For more information, visit the University of Alberta's international student admission pages here.