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My son/daughter is considering UAlberta, Augustana Campus. Who should they talk to when they have questions?

All prospective students are assigned an Admissions Advisor based on their hometown. Click here for more information on their geographical regions and contact information!

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How is Augustana connected with the University of Alberta?

Augustana Campus is one of seventeen University of Alberta Faculties. We are also one of only two Faculties that maintain distinctive campuses. (The other being Campus St. Jean, UAlberta's francophone campus).

Students who come to Augustana benefit from the same internationally-recognized, first-rate postsecondary education with which the University of Alberta has been identified for more than a hundred years. They do so in a setting of about 1,000 students on a campus with excellent professors who are dedicated to providing the best possible undergraduate education to their students.

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What is the average class size at Augustana?

The average first-year class size at Augustana is about 35 students. The smallest class first-year students would likely find themselves in is around 10 students; the biggest class size we have is about 100 students. Students typically find that in their second, third, and fourth year, class sizes get even smaller.

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What are the costs involved for an average first-year student at Augustana?

For information on tuition, fees, and residence costs, click here.

Additional costs may include:

  • Books and supplies (about $1,500 per year)
  • Cell phone plan
  • Parking Fees. Follow the link for prices

Included in your residence fees - all Internet, power, heat, and water costs.

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What are the residences like at Augustana Campus?

There are two different residence complexes at Augustana. The First-Year Complex is a dormitory-style residence, with rooms on a shared hallway and one large communal bathroom per wing. The First-Year Complex is where the majority of our first-year students reside. It comes equipped with two laundry rooms and a lounge space with board games and games tables (i.e. ping pong). Most of the rooms in the First-Year Complex are double occupancy, though some singles are available. Each floor has at least one, most likely two Resident Assistants (RAs) who are student staff available to help you adjust to campus life.

The Ravine Complex houses our upper class (2nd, 3rd, and 4th year) students, and shares one washroom between two bedrooms, though each bedroom comes equipped with a sink. The Ravine Complex buildings each have a social lounge and a study lounge. Laundry facilities and more study space can all be found in a central building located in the middle of the complex. Each building has two RAs.

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My student wants a single room. What should s/he do?

We always tell our students that, while there is no guarantee of getting a single room in our residences, the best way for them to give themselves a good chance of being granted a single room is to apply for residence early. Students can start submitting their application for Augustana Residence as early as the October prior to their coming to campus (that is, nearly one year in advance).

Applicants must have a seven-digit University of Alberta student identification number before they can apply to live in a University of Alberta residence (including Augustana Residences). To get this ID number, they must have applied for admission to the University of Alberta prior to applying for residence.

Please ensure your student applies for Residence at Augustana, as it is a part of their admission application.

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Who cleans the residences?

We have a custodial staff who take care of cleaning the residences. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their rooms, and in the Ravine Complex, their washrooms.

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What types of meal plans are available for Augustana students?

Augustana Campus offers an all-you-can-eat cafeteria which offers students 21 meals per week. All meals are served buffet style. Between meals, the cafeteria will be open and students will be able to access lighter meal options In addition to our regular menu we have meal plans for different diets available such as vegetarian, celiac, lower-fat, and others. We are also very proud of being a leading institution in a Government of Alberta pilot project to investigate the use, whenever possible, of environmentally sustainable, local food choices in a university setting. In serving food in its cafeteria, Augustana is guided by the following commitments:

  • To provide safe, fresh and nutritious food;
  • To contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our home region and the planet, through balanced and responsible procurement decisions; and,
  • To cultivate within our academic community both a critical awareness of food issues and a sense of celebration around food that is inclusive of the many cultural traditions represented among our students.

More information on our Sustainable Food Policy »
More information on our Food Services program »

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My student has special dietary requirements. Can this be accommodated?

Students must self-identify to the Food Services staff to sign up for an alternate choice to the main entrée option including:

  • Low Fat
  • No Pork
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Gluten Free
  • Specific Allergies

For more information, and to see if a particular dietary requirement can be accommodated, contact Lilas Bielopotocky, the Supervisor of Augustana's Food Services. You can reach Lilas at:

Phone: 780.679.1128
Fax: 780.679.1601

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Can I visit my student in residence?

Of course! Parents are always welcome. If you wish to stay overnight in our residences with your student, a guest pass is required. These passes can be obtained from the student's Residence Assistant prior to the visit.

You are also welcome to join your student for meals in our Dining Hall. Our all-you-can-eat buffet-style meals cost $9.50.

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To whom can students turn if they have questions or require assistance during the school year?

In residence specifically there are a number of people available to help your student. Each floor has at least 1, and often 2 Resident Assistants (RAs) who are returning students employed as staff members to help with the residence experience. Students meet their RAs the first day they move in and interact with them on a daily basis. Additionally there are 3 Hall Coordinators (HCs) on campus who are senior student staff, employed to help the RAs and residents. Augustana also has a Residence Coordinator who is a full time employee of the University who lives on campus to aid your student if s/he needs help. Also working in Residence Services is a Supervisor for Residence and Conference Services and the Executive Director of Student Life, also full-time university employees who are here to help.

Contact Augustana Residence Services

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What other support services are available for students?

Accessibility Resources

Students with disabilities should be in touch with the Student Accessibility & Success Advisor on our campus. We serve prospective and current students whose disabilities involve conditions affecting mobility, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health.

Counselling Services

Augustana Campus provides both personal and pastoral counselling to all its students free of charge.

Writing Centre

The Augustana Writing Centre offers one-on-one consultations with a tutor, workshops on all stages of the writing process, and access to a writing reference library. Students are able to visit the Writing Centre to get help and feedback on essays and other writing assignments.

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What other kinds of facilities does the campus offer?

The Augustana Library

The new Augustana Library building opened in September 2009. This beautiful facility contains increased space for books and journals, as well as a large information commons and group study spaces that support new forms of student learning.

The Fitness Centre

The Fitness Centre is a state-of-the-art facility located in the Edgeworth Centre, which opened in 2007. A 10 minute walk from campus, the Fitness Centre is used by students, faculty, local athletes, and members of the Camrose community. The Fitness Centre has 29 pieces of brand new, top-of-the-line cardio equipment with 17 " flat screen TVs on each unit. There is a 13 machine weight circuit area and a free weight zone that includes free weights, benches and an Olympic lifting platform. In the centre of the gym is a balance/core/functional training area, equipped with core balls, Bosu balls, mats, tubing and medicine balls.

Students and staff are eligible for a reduced rate with a verified ONECard. Any member who purchases a one-month membership or more receives a free one-hour orientation session to the equipment and an exercise program with a trainer.

Fitness Centre website

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Is this campus safe? What kind of security is available on campus?

Campus is very safe. Camrose is a safe, friendly community with a low crime rate which means that incidents taking place on our campus is very unlikely. Because our campus has a smaller population, our students form a close-knit community, which also helps to create a safe environment.

Augustana Campus also has safety precautions in place. The Ravine Complex buildings are locked all the time, and you must be a resident of that complex to have access to them. The First Year Complex is open during the day (as there are also classrooms and professors' offices in the building) but at night access into the building is controlled by our security guards who act as a checkpoint for the residents. Residents must show their student ID card to be allowed back into the building after midnight.

Sergeant Tony Thomsen is the on-site Community Peace Officer for the Augustana Campus, working in conjunction with University of Alberta Protective Services.

Protective Services website

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How noisy are the residences?

While there can be a lot of bustle and interaction in the First Year Complex during the day, we have quiet hours that are in effect from 10pm to 8am every day. This is to ensure that students can study and sleep in quiet. At that time noise from a room should not be able to be heard in the hallway. At all times our residence facilities have courtesy hours during which all residents should be respectful of the residence community and keep the noise level low. The Ravine Complex does not have set quiet hours, but has courtesy hours all day, every day.

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What computer services can my student access?

There are 2 computer labs on campus: 1 in the First-Year Residence Complex and 1 in the Library. On-campus students have 24-hour access to the computers, including high-speed internet access and printing. Wireless internet access is also available across campus, including in residence rooms.

Technical support for UofA Augustana students is provided by UofA Augustana's Technology and Learning Services.

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How do I mail my student a letter or package?

Once a student has moved into residence, s/he is assigned a mail-box number and key. A student's address would therefore be:

Box ##
Augustana Campus - University of Alberta
4901 - 46 Avenue
Camrose, Alberta T4V 2R3

If a package received in the mail is too large for a student's mailbox, it will be sent to the Reception Desk in Founders' Hall, where the student can go and pick it up.

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What kind of transportation is available in Camrose? Do Augustana students typically need a car to get around?

As a small city of around 18,000 people, Camrose has no mass transit system. In spite of this, many students get along just fine without a car. Students without cars use the following methods of transportation:

  1. Walking: Most everything in Camrose is within walking distance. Even the big "box-store shopping district" on the west end of the city is only about a 30 minute walk away. Within about a 5 minute walk from campus are coffee shops, book stores, doctor's offices, grocery stores, the Fitness Centre, walking paths, ski trails, the municipal swimming pool, and ice rinks.
  2. Taxis. There are several cab companies in town that offer very reasonable rates for students. A typical cab ride to points around Camrose will cost a student less than $10.
  3. An ever-popular option - friends with cars!

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Is there an orientation for new students once they arrive on campus?

After new students arrive on campus each September, and before the first day of classes, Augustana hosts an orientation to acclimate new students to our campus. Students attend sessions on topics such as academic honesty, clubs and organizations, international opportunities, academic success, and student services. Beyond sessions aimed at helping students transition into campus life, there are social events such as BBQs, slip 'n' slides, and more which happen throughout student orientation. There is no need for students to register for the event.

We also host a Parents Orientation on move-in day for new students.

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Do you have an academic advising service available for students once they arrive on campus?

Once students arrive on campus, they are assigned an Academic Advisor based on their area of study. This Advisor will be with them throughout their years at Augustana, and can help with such issues as:

  • course selection and registration
  • changing programs, majors, or minors
  • adding and dropping courses
  • information on degree requirements
  • information on transfer and professional programs

Academic Advisor contact information

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My student is eligible for scholarships. When and how will this be paid? Can my student put award moneys towards his/her tuition or residence costs?

University of Alberta and Augustana Campus awards, scholarships, and bursaries are generally not awarded to students prior to the deadline to pay residence and tuition fees in September. Award payment dates will vary depending on the particular scholarship and can be paid to the student anywhere between September and December for the Fall term, and typically after the late-January add/drop deadline for the Winter term.

All awards will be divided in half and dispersed equally over the Fall and Winter terms directly to the student's tuition account. Any award money over and above the amount owing to the University of Alberta will be issued to the student in the form of a cheque after the 50% Fee Refund Withdrawal Deadline. Awards cannot be transferred from a tuition account to pay residence fees. Only refunds issued in the form of a cheque can be applied to any area including books and residence fees.

As such, students should be prepared to make arrangements to pay their residence and tuition fees from a source other than awards and bursaries. Such sources include personal savings, RESPs, and student loans.

For more information, contact the Augustana Awards Office or call 780.679.1134.

For information and advice on how to fund your student's education, contact the University of Alberta's Student Financial Aid Information Centre.


Do you have any other questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Admissions Advisors. They will be happy to help!