Augustana Extended Education (AEE)

Sustainability 101

Based upon a 5-pillar model of sustainability (Governance, Economic, Social, Environmental, Cultural), these courses focus upon the nature, origins, relevance and application of the core, but complex, concepts that comprise sustainability and community development.

Our public policy-based approach to accessible programs speaks to broader issues, challenges, and dynamics affecting rural communities and is grounded in the need to do more than simply train administrators.  In this series, we provide opportunities that not only increase community and organizational capacity, but address the broader challenges and dynamics of community sustainability, planning, rural/provincial governance and government, as well as the shifting emphasis upon partnerships, collaboration and competition as overarching principles for rural decision-making.

Program Date Duration Location  Investment
Economics & Sustainability September 27, 2017 1 day Camrose, AB $450 + GST
Governance for Sustainability December 6, 2017 1 day Camrose, AB $450 + GST 
Cultural Sustainability Feb. 7, 2018 1 day Camrose, AB $450 + GST
Environmental Sustainability Apr. 19, 2018
1 day Camrose, AB $450 + GST
Social Sustainability Jun. 7, 2018 1 day Camrose, AB $450 + GST