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Sustainability 101: Cultural Sustainability

In Cultural Sustainability, the focus will be on cultural sustainability as one of the five pillars of sustainable development.  The primary focus will be on learning what is meant by the term ‘cultural sustainability’, and why this has an impact on organizational practices and activities. To do so, the course will examine why organizations are placing increasing importance on cultural sustainability, how they are implementing it into their practices, and some of the outcomes of doing so. Finally, we will discuss some of emerging trends and conversations currently occurring in this area.

What you will learn

  1. What is cultural sustainability? Why is this important? How does cultural sustainability connect with the other pillars of sustainability?
  2. How can a government or organization integrate cultural sustainability into their policies and plans?  What practical effects might this have on an organization?
  3. What are recent trends and conversations in the area of cultural sustainability?


A headshot of Ryan Young in a suitRyan Young

Ryan is the Dean and Director of Applied Learning at the Leder School of Business (The King’s University).  He has conducted both academic research and consulting work for businesses, unions, not-for-profits and governments.  He is interested in using business for the betterment of society, which led him to start and manage one of Thailand’s largest rural microfinance organizations. Within Alberta, Ryan has been active in the End Poverty Edmonton initiative, is the President of his community league and sits on several nonprofit boards.  He has also been active in Alberta’s electricity industry where he has worked with “green” energy retailers and several Rural Electrification Associations (REAs).

Sustainability 101 & the Certificate in Rural Sustainability

With rural economic development at the forefront of municipal dialogue, AEE’s Sustainability 101 series of five, one-day short courses is designed to strengthen rural municipal leadership by recognizing elected officials, municipal administrators, and community leaders for accomplishing training in five core areas: Governance for Sustainability, Economics & Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, and Cultural Sustainability.

Complete all five Sustainability 101 courses (Governance for Sustainability, Economics & Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability, and Social Sustainability, in any order, to earn your ‘Certificate in Rural Sustainability’ from the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus.

Learn more about the Certificate in Rural Sustainability.