Augustana Extended Education (AEE)

Sustainability 101: Governance for Sustainability

With rural economic development at the forefront of municipal dialogue, Augustana Campus is launching a series of professional education programs for the public, starting with Governance for Sustainability, a 1-day, 8 hour short course now open for enrollment.

This course will bring together community members, representatives of both non-governmental and business sectors, elected officials, and municipal administrators with the Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, Dr. Lars Hallström. It is oriented towards the key challenges of decision-making, engagement, and policy-making and analysis within a sustainability-oriented process, and is premised upon identifying the causes, alternatives, and viable analysis of the challenges faced by rural governments, and governance, in the 21st Century. These include questions of institutional and procedural design, evidence, planning for sustainability, implementation, integration, engagement, assessment and accountability, and municipal governance.

What you will learn

Opportunities (and challenges) lie in the relationships created between citizens, organizations, institutions and the goals and actions of sustainability in rural communities. This course examines these relationships from the standpoint of 5 major themes:

  • Sustainable development as an integrative, multi-sectoral process for rural communities;
  • Public engagement and participation as a necessary condition of sustainability;
  • Public management as a key element of sustainability governance;
  • Accountability and responsibility of leadership, institutions and practices; and
  • The increasing importance of inter-municipal and inter-community planning and collaboration.


Lars HallströmLars K. Hallström, Ph.D
Director, Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities

Dr. Hallström is a Professor at the University of Alberta and the inaugural Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities. He is committed to overseeing the ACSRC’s efforts to advance the U of A’s rural focused research and to forge practical connections to rural communities.

Dr. Hallström comes to the U of A from St. Francis Xavier University, where he served as an Associate Professor of Political Science and Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Governance. He took a leadership role in establishing the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health. His research has been diverse and includes issues relating to small-scale forestry and woodlots, public health, and the politics of environmental movements. He holds a PhD from Purdue University and a BA from the University of Calgary.

Sustainability 101 & the Certificate in Rural Sustainability

Sustainability 101 is a series of one-day short courses designed to support increased knowledge, capacity, and skills for sustainability in rural communities. Based upon a five-pillar model of sustainability (Governance, Economic, Social, Environmental, Cultural), these courses focus upon the nature, origins, relevance and application of the core, but complex, concepts that comprise sustainability and community development.

Our public policy-based approach to accessible programs speaks to broader issues, challenges, and dynamics affecting rural communities and is grounded in the need to do more than simply train administrators. In this series, we provide opportunities that not only increase community and organizational capacity, but address the broader challenges and dynamics of community sustainability, planning, rural/municipal governance and government, as well as the shifting emphasis upon partnerships, collaboration and competition as overarching principles for rural decision-making.

Complete all five Sustainability 101 courses (Governance for Sustainability, Economics & Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Cultural Sustainability, and Social Sustainability, in any order, to earn your ‘Certificate in Rural Sustainability’ from the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus.