Augustana Extended Education (AEE)

Program Evaluation Workshop

Do you need to develop an evaluation plan for a program or grant application?

Program evaluation can help to inform decisions about programs and services. Funding agencies often require an evaluation component as part of the granting process.

Many organizations, however, find it challenging to conduct evaluations that provide valid and reliable answers to questions that matter. Common challenges include lack of time, resources and training in evaluation methods. A comprehensive program evaluation is much more than satisfaction surveys. It involves systematic exploration of questions such as: What’s working well? What could be improved? What difference are we making with the work that we do? Program evaluation requires planning and dedicated human resources with an understanding of social science research methods.

Join Sharlene Wolbeck Minke, Credentialed Evaluator, and Laurie McCaffrey, M.Sc. (1999), each with over 20 years of program evaluation experience, for this interactive workshop for people who have little experience with program evaluation. During the workshop, participants will explore the following topics:

  • Assessing the evaluation needs of a program
  • Integrating evaluation into program planning
  • Designing a program logic model
  • Developing evaluation questions that will generate useful information
  • Selecting the best type of methods to answer the evaluation questions

Participants are encouraged to bring a program plan or grant application that needs an evaluation plan (either in process or from previous work) with the aim of providing practical ideas, skills and content for the development of the evaluation plan.


Sharlene Wolbeck MinkeSharlene Wolbeck Minke, BScN, MSc, Credentialed Evaluator
Sharlene Wolbeck Minke, Principal of SWM Consulting Services and Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, has an academic background in nursing and health promotion.

In 2001, Sharlene established SWM Consulting Services, a program evaluation and applied research firm. As the principal consultant, she has extensive experience completing program evaluations and coordinating complex processes with broad stakeholder groups in the health and human services sectors. She is skilled in all aspects of program evaluation, as well as using evaluation results to inform strategic planning. Sharlene’s clients are from all levels of government, as well as community-based agencies, across Alberta.

As Adjunct Professor, Sharlene is currently teaching a graduate program evaluation course, as well as facilitating student-centered professional development through the field practicum course. She draws on her extensive professional experiences to facilitate students’ critical reflection on the application of key concepts and competencies in practice.


Laurie McCaffreyLaurie McCaffrey, BA, MSc, Credentialed Evaluator Candidate
Laurie McCaffrey is an independent evaluation consultant with over 18 years of experience in applied research and evaluation. As the principal consultant of McCaffrey Consulting, Laurie has shared her expertise with universities, multiple orders of government and a variety of non-profit organizations. Project activities have included the collection, analysis and interpretation of both qualitative and quantitative data from diverse stakeholders including children, families, seniors and human service professionals. Research and evaluation project findings have been used to monitor program implementation, assess client satisfaction, determine program effectiveness and improve program delivery.

For three years, Laurie also taught a graduate-level program planning and evaluation course at the University of Alberta. In this role, she brought to life her practical experience in applied program evaluation, facilitated classroom discussion regarding reading materials and assignments, and encouraged critical thinking regarding the key concepts, principles, facts and theories related to program planning and evaluation.