Available as a Major in:
Bachelor of Arts and
Bachelor of Science programs.

Available as a Minor in:

Any program.


Costa Rica Field Studies
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In an age when medicine and technology are rapidly advancing and humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the impact it has on the environment, a good grounding in biology becomes indispensable. A biology degree from Augustana ensures a broad education which prepares graduates for the current fluctuating job market in which specialization increasingly narrows options and on-the-job learning becomes more important. With the rapid rate at which our knowledge and understanding of our world changes, the ability to be flexible in learning new tasks and theories becomes crucial in securing a job.

The core curriculum at the Augustana Faculty nurtures the necessary diverse background in not only the natural sciences but also in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts. The smaller student body at Augustana (approximately 1100) also allows for greater direct contact with the instructor than is possible at larger schools. The greater instructional interaction (smaller class sizes) provides students with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and communication skills - skills many employers are seeking in their employees.

- David S. Goodsell

At Augustana a four-year major and a minor are offered in biology. The four-year major in biology allows more time for students to study their field of interest in greater depth.

This major is primarily intended for students interested in pursuing a career in biology - teaching, bio journalism, agriculture, biotechnology, etc. - or doing further studies such as graduate school, veterinary medicine, dentistry, medical school, chiropractic, optometry, among many possibilities.

Students setting up mist nets in preparation for studying bats
Costa Rica Field Studies
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Students interested in a bachelor's or professional degree in agriculture, food science, nutrition, optometry, or pharmacy may begin their studies at Augustana but will have to finish their program at another school of their choice.

The biology minor provides the opportunity to broaden one's background in the life sciences and to acquire a supporting area for a major. This option is of particular interest to students pursuing a teaching career or further studies in the areas where biology overlaps with chemistry, physics, statistics, philosophy, psychology, geography, etc.

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