Chemical and Physical Sciences

Chemical and Physical Sciences majors will ask the following fundamental questions:

  • What are matter and energy?
  • How can matter and energy be transformed?
  • How do scientists study and measure matter and energy in complex systems?

Through a mixture of technical and theoretical learning both in the classroom and the lab, students in this major will unravel how the universe is put together and discover the impact science has on our everyday lives.

Why study Chemical and Physical Sciences at Augustana?

Drawing upon knowledge from Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physics, Chemical and Physical Sciences majors will be able to build their degree by focusing on their area(s) of passion while enjoying the flexibility to try something new, expanding on both skills and knowledge. When you take Chemical and Physical Sciences at Augustana, you will have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of advanced scientific discoveries while discovering your own interests!

What disciplines make up this major?

What career path is this major suited for?

Along with learning about specific scientific fields, this major will prepare students for graduate studies, professional programs, and a broad range of careers after graduation, including:

  • medical doctor
  • lab technician
  • biochemist
  • epidemiologist
  • psychologist
  • dentist
  • lawyer
  • anthropologist
  • geologist