Photo of James KariukiDr. James Kariuki, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
B.Sc. Kenyatta University
M.Sc. Kenyatta University
Ph.D. University of Alberta

Dr. Kariuki teaches analytical, physical, and general chemistry courses. His research is focused on the development of low-cost electrodes, and the modification, characterization, and applications of a variety of electrodes. He is also interested in research in the areas of environmental chemistry, nanotechnology, and microfluidics.

Email: james.kariuki@ualberta.ca

David King lab techDavid King, Lab Technician
B.Sc. Augustana University College

David puts his passion for science to work in the labs as he transforms his knowledge of chemistry into engaging and innovative experiments for students. As a laboratory technician, David applies his scientific skills with and for students every day.

Office: Classroom Building 165
Phone: 780.679.1159

Email: dck@ualberta.ca

Portrait of Elizabeth McGinitieElizabeth McGinitie, Assistant Professor, Chemistry

B.Sc., Saint Francis Xavier University

Ph.D., University of Alberta

Dr. McGinitie teaches general, physical, and inorganic chemistry courses. Her research focuses on developing immobilized catalytic systems for use in the continuous-flow production of industrially relevant materials. Her hobbies include reading, swimming and needlework.

Email: elizabeth.mcginitie@ualberta.ca

A portrait of Brian RempelDr. Brian Rempel, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
B.Sc. (Hons.) University of Alberta
Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Dr. Rempel teaches in the areas of General and Organic chemistry. His research interests are in the synthesis and enzymatic evaluation of enzyme inhibitors and inactivators.

Email: brempel@ualberta.ca

Magrieta Snyman ChemistryMagrieta Snyman, Lab Coordinator
B.Sc., University of the Orange Free State
B.Sc. Hons., University of the Orange Free State
M.Sc., University of the Orange Free State

Magrieta is the first-year chemistry lab coordinator, and also teaches organic chemistry She has honed her skills in the lab through her experience developing processes for the manufacturing of agricultural and pharmaceutical compounds at her previous position as functional specialist with Syntheta and Dow Chemicals.

Email: msnyman@ualberta.ca