Classical Studies

Available as a Minor in:
Any program.

Classical Studies is the study of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, both of which have had a profound influence on shaping Western culture. In fact, their traces may be found in the languages, cultures, and history of nations around the world, ranging from Canada to Tunisia. Studying the Classics has also been critically important to the university and to a liberal arts education for nearly a millennium as a gateway to a deeper understanding of many academic disciplines.

Classical Studies Courses

Augustana's courses in Classical Studies offer students the opportunity to explore the intellectual and cultural history of Ancient Greece and to study classical mythology, the narratives originating from the folklore and religious traditions of Greco-Roman civilization. The program also offers a course on classical literature in translation dating from the pre-Homeric period up to late antiquity, which aims to provide students with a comprehensive overview of major texts that have shaped European literature from the Middle Ages to the present.

A photo of an auditorium in Delphi, GreeceIn addition to exploring the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome, Augustana's Classical Studies courses can also fulfil certain requirements in the core curriculum. Upper-year courses on classical literature are also cross-listed as English courses and count towards the major or minor in that discipline.

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