Computing Science and Mathematics

As a Computing Science and Mathematics major, you will learn how to respond to the dynamic changes of technology in our world. You’ll gain hands-on skills while learning about the underlying principles, theories, and ethics that remain constant despite the ever-changing nature of the tech realm.

This major offers two unique streams:

  • Computing Science and
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Why study Computing Science and Mathematics at Augustana?

Computing Science and Mathematics majors at Augustana will be able to apply their knowledge both in the classroom and the community through real-world projects that have an impact right away (and also look great on your resume!). Students in this program will be able to follow their interests by focusing on one of two streams and will learn how to problem-solve, collaborate, think critically and creatively, and recognize the large role that technology plays in our lives.

What disciplines make up this major?

What career path is this major suited for?

Students who pursue this major will be prepared for different careers in information systems, technology, business, and finance which are—are will continue to be—in high demand. Some of these positions include:

  • software engineer
  • computer programmer
  • web development
  • data scientist
  • statistician
  • doctor
  • accountant
  • financial analyst
  • IT consultant