Computing Science

Business Intelligence Database Analyst

submitted 2010

When Stephanie Husby walked across the stage to accept her diploma during the 2006 Augustana graduation ceremony, the Dean said with surprise, “I didn’t know you were a student here. I thought you just fixed our computers!”

The mistake was easily made. Throughout her time as a computing science major, Stephanie worked for Technology and Learning Services, fixing computers across campus. This integration of education and work experience was one of the things she valued most about her program at Augustana.

Coming from the small town of Kyle, Saskatchewan, Stephanie chose the Augustana campus because it was small and had a strong community spirit. “I saw it as a gradual step to the city,” she says. “Camrose was fantastic for that.”

Stephanie certainly has gone on to big things. After graduation, she travelled to Brazil through the AIESEC student exchange program. She’s been to Tanzania to visit a close friend and former classmate who was an international student at Augustana. “The trip to Tanzania was fantastic,” she says. “It was such a warm and friendly country to visit. I was welcomed everywhere I went.”

After working as a desktop support analyst for Stantec in Edmonton, Stephanie moved to Ontario to enrol in the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program at the University of Waterloo. “I was looking for a degree that would broaden my education by integrating technology and business,” she explains, describing the program as “fantastic.” “We had opportunities to learn from all kinds of people who had failed and succeeded as entrepreneurs.” Particularly challenging and rewarding was the final project, in which students went through the process of creating and running a technology business from start to finish.

After graduating in 2008, Stephanie came home to the prairies, where she works as a business intelligence database analyst in the finance department at Lilydale’s head office in Edmonton. She explains, “I am in charge of building reports across many divisions of the company, but mostly deal with sales and financial data. I enjoy breaking down data into meaningful reports and graphs. It’s rewarding to know people are using my reports to better the company as a whole.”

Stephanie has come home to Augustana, too. She teaches computing science part-time at the Camrose campus. “Teaching at Augustana is incredible,” she says. “It is amazing to teach in the same classrooms where I sat and learned. I like the small class sizes and the fact that I can give students individual attention. I can relate to them because I was there so recently.”

Stephanie isn’t finished learning, either. She says she will pursue a PhD so she can teach at a small teaching-focused university campus such as Augustana. Perhaps she’ll even take time to drop by to fix the Dean’s computer!