Crime & Community

Available as a Minor in:
Any program


What is the Crime & Community Program?

The Crime and Community Program emphasizes interdisciplinarity, meaning that students study the Canadian legal system and crime in society from a variety of perspectives. By taking courses in sociology, political studies, psychology and other related fields, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the many components of the Canadian criminal justice system and its relationship with Canadian politics.

Studying Crime & Community at Augustana

Core courses in our program are designed to familiarize students with the issues confronting those who work in the corrections and community response to crime in Canadian society.

Among the questions we ask:

  • Who decides what acts should be considered crimes?
  • What factors contribute to crime and how can they be addressed?
  • Can offenders be rehabilitated?
  • What are the psychological aspects of incarceration?
  • Has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms given criminals too many rights and too much freedom?
  • What is the relationship between law and politics?