Career Options

A background in drama is an asset for a variety of careers, especially any that involve public speaking, presentations, creative thinking or ideas. The following list highlights a few of the careers that are specifically related to the study of Drama: 

  • Actor/Actress
  • Camera Operator/Cinematographer (eg. Motion Picture, TV, Video) 
  • Casting officer 
  • Clown 
  • Comedian 
  • Designer (eg. Costume, Stage-Set) 
  • Director (eg. Broadcasting, Stage) 
  • Dramaturge 
  • Film/Video Editor 
  • Film Maker 
  • Magician 
  • Make-up Artist 
  • Producer (eg. Broadcasting, Motion Picture, Stage, Technical, Video) 
  • Production Assistant 
  • Special Effects Technician 
  • Stage Hand 
  • Stage Manager 
  • Stunt Performer 
  • Talent Scout 
  • Teacher 
  • Therapist, Drama 
  • Wardrobe Supervisor