Environmental Science / Studies


Dr. Glynnis Hood, Professor (Environmental Science)
B.A., University of Victoria
M.Sc., University of Northern British Columbia
Ph.D., University of Alberta

Dr. Hood teaches many courses in Environmental Studies.  Her research areas include freshwater ecology, wildlife management, and parks and protected areas.

Email: glynnis.hood@ualberta.ca
Personal website: http://www.ualberta.ca/augustana/about-us/academic-staff/glynnis-hood/

Dr. Glen Hvenegaard, Professor (Geography)
B.Sc., University of Alberta
M.Sc., University of Alberta
Ph.D., University of Victoria

Dr. Hvenegaard's research interests include conservation, protected areas, ecotourism, environmental studies, and birds of aspen forests.

Email: glen.hvenegaard@ualberta.ca
Personal website: https://www.ualberta.ca/augustana/about-us/academic-staff/glen-hvenegaard

Morten Asfeldt
Associate Professor of Physical Education

B.A., University of Alberta
M.A., University of Alberta
M.Sc., Mankato State University, Minnesota
Research interests: outdoor pursuits, leadership, experiential education
Email: morten.asfeldt@ualberta.ca

Doris-AudetDr. Doris Audet, Associate Professor (Biology)
B.Sc., University of Quebec, Chicoutimi
M.Sc., Carleton University
Ph.D., York University

Dr. Audet teaches in the areas of vertebrate biology, animal behaviour, and interdisciplinary studies.  Her research areas include physiological ecology and the behaviour of bats.

Email: doris.audet@ualberta.ca

Dr. Lars K. Hallstrom
Professor (Political Studies) & Director, Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities

B.A.,University of Calgary (Political Science)
M.A., Purdue University (Political Science)
Ph.D. Purdue University (Political Science)

Lars Hallstrom teaches in the areas of public policy, environmental politics, comparative politics and international relations. His research has included publications and research grants for topics such as wetland mitigation, the social determinants of health, rural development, environmental policy in the EU and watershed management.

Contact | Personal website | ACSRC website

Roxanne Harde, Professor (English); Associate Dean Research

Ph.D., Queen's University
B.A. High Honours, University of Saskatchewan
M.A., University of Saskatchewan


Roxanne Harde teaches courses in American Literature and Culture and covers the period by field, before and after the Civil War, by genre, including children's literature, and by theme, including environmental writing and feminist theory.  Her current research focuses on nineteenth-century American reform writing for children.  Roxanne also studies contemporary culture, and has published a collection on the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen.  She enjoys travel, especially to concerts, and volunteers as a figure skating judge.

Dr. Kierstin Hatt, Associate Professor
B.A., Psychology, Carleton University, 1991
M.A., International Development Studies, Saint Mary’s University Halifax, 1993
Ph.D., Sociology, McGill University, 2001

Kierstin's recent courses have involved introductory sociology, social anthropology, sociology of global development, sex, gender and society, and environmental sociology. Her past and current research interests, are multi/inter/trans-disciplinary. In sociology, her core areas are development, gender and environment. She also have an interest in midwifery, travelling and sea kayaking.

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    Photo of James KariukiDr. James Kariuki, Associate Professor (Chemistry)
    B.Sc. Kenyatta University
    M.Sc. Kenyatta University
    Ph.D. University of Alberta

    Dr. Kariuki teaches analytical, physical, and general chemistry courses.  His research is focused on the development of low-cost electrodes, and the modification, characterization, and applications of a variety of electrodes.  He is also interested in research in the areas of environmental chemistry, nanotechnology, and microfluidics.

    Email: james.kariuki@ualberta.ca

    Dr. David (Doc) Larson, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
    B.A., Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota
    M.Sc., University of Delaware
    Ph.D., Ohio State University

    Dr. Larson's teaching areas include invertebrate biology, ecology, and outdoor education.  His research is focused on biodiversity of grassland arthropods - specifically mites.

    Email: david.larson@ualberta.ca

    Dr. Varghese Manaloor, Associate Professor

    B.Sc., Birsa Agricultural University (India)
    M.Sc., Birsa Agricultural University (India)
    Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan

    I began teaching at Augustana in 1996. Courses I have taught include applied microeconomics, econometrics, statistics for business and economics, environmental economics, and ethics in business and economics. Recently, I have been involved in the Augustana field experience program of tours to India. In 2003, I was appointed to the John P. Tandberg Chair in Economics at Augustana. My research interests are focused on environmental and development economics, policy and conservation issues. A current research project involves assessing the economic consequences of green house gas emissions in the agricultural sector.

    Contact Information

    Dr. Anne McIntosh, Assistant Professor (Biology)
    B.Sc. (Honours), University of British Columbia
    M.Sc., Oregon State University
    Ph.D., University of Alberta

    Dr. McIntosh teaches in the areas of plant biology, biological diversity, and ecology.  Her research focuses on recovery of forested and grassland ecosystems after both natural and anthropogenic disturbance.

    Phone: 780-679-1198
    Email: anne.mcintosh@ualberta.ca
    Personal website: https://www.ualberta.ca/~amcintos