Ethics and Global Studies

In this program, students ask questions about world problems. Students study in the fields of history, philosophy, religious studies and politics, with the goal of developing ethical approaches to living together in our complex world. Within these larger fields of study, students are encouraged to pursue their own specific passions and interests. Topics could include the environment, international relations, religious conflict and peace building and Indigenous studies, among others.

Why study Ethics & Global Studies at Augustana?

This program enables students to directly engage the world they live in. It asks students to examine why things have happened as they have, and to gauge the possibilities for
change. The program does not shy away from complex problems but seeks to understand them in multiple contexts. It prepares students for a life beyond university studies, making them adaptable to various work environments, and ensuring a life-long commitment to engaging with the world around them.

What disciplines make up this major?

A venn diagram with "Ethics and Global Studies" in the middle and a "Philosophy" bubble on top, a "Religious Studies" bubble to the right, a "Political Science" bubble on the bottom and a "History" bubble on the left.



Examine great philosophers and topics related to the human search for meaning, culture and society, in courses like:

  • Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  • Modern Ethics
  • Western Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science


Examine and analyze past events to understand modern-day problems of social and political behaviour, in courses like:

  • European History
  • Canadian History
  • History of the Roman Republic
  • Canadian Environmental History

Religious Studies

Examine central themes in Christianity and learn the various ways religion can be viewed, in courses like:

  • Philosophy, Religion, & Public Life
  • Sex & Gender in Ancient Religions
  • History of Christian Thought
  • Bioethics, Suffering & the Soul

Political Science

Examine topics related to politics, society and power dynamics, in courses like:

  • Gender & Politics
  • Global & Political Studies
  • Environmental Politics
  • International Relations
  • Cuban Government & Politics


What career path is this major suited for?

Students are prepared to enter graduate education in any of the program's major fields, in various interdisciplinary fields of study across the humanities and social sciences as well as professional schools like law, medicine and business. They are also positioned for careers in various organizations and fields, including:

  • non-governmental organizations
  • non-profits
  • municipal, provincial and federal government offices
  • policy development
  • intelligence
  • foreign service
  • diplomacy
  • community development
  • social work
  • international policy
  • civil service