Career Options

In the twenty-first century, you will need to be more innovative, more open-minded, and much more adaptable to constant change. Knowledge of French will give you a chance to succeed in multicultural, bilingual Canada.

Most industrialized countries view second-language training as essential. English and French are truly international languages, spoken by an estimated 437 million and 119 million people, respectively, around the world, respectively. Your ability to use these languages will enhance your global competitiveness in the years ahead.

Possible Careers include:

Armed Forces: Intelligence, translation, interpreting

Commerce: Tourism and travel, import and export

Government: Various branches, especially external affairs, employment and immigration, translation services

Journalism, Radio and Television: Foreign correspondence, announcing

Secretarial work: Knowledge of English and French is a good combination with office skills for top executive positions.

Teaching: In elementary, junior high and high schools; junior and community colleges; universities