Available as a Minor in:
Any program.

Why Study French?

» French is an asset in the job market!

French is one of the world's major international languages and also one of the official languages of Canada. Bilingual study opens doors to many careers - such as teaching, research, translation, journalism, publishing, advertising, marketing, import-export, tourism, hospitality, public relations, customs and immigration, federal government employment, etc. - and provides opportunities for travel abroad.

In Canada, both government and private employers seek bilingual employees to provide service in both official languages. Language training not only promotes understanding and goodwill, but also strengthens Canadian unity.

In 21st Century culture, you will need to be more innovative, open-minded and adaptable to constant change. A knowledge of French will give you the opportunity to succeed in a multicultural, bilingual Canada while enhancing your global competitiveness in the years ahead.

» To enhance effective written communication skills.

French and English are closely related: understanding French grammar is often a key to understanding English grammar, and effective written communication is essential in today's job market.

» To communicate with fun-loving Francophones!

French language skills enable graduates to enjoy travelling in many French speaking areas, including Quebec, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Caribbean, and many francophone countries in Africa.

» To experience and learn about another culture.

When we learn about another culture - whether through immersion, awareness of its political history or exposure to its literature, art, music and drama - we are able to better understand humanity in all its diversity.